What Gear Does My Swimmer Need?

  1. Swimsuit
  2. Goggles
  3. Swim Cap

The only thing swimmers really need is a swimsuit.  However, goggles are highly recommended. They help swimmers see the lane lines and swim straight.  Probably more importantly, they keep the chlorine out of their eyes! If your swimmer has lots of hair, then she/he will want a swim cap. It helps them be more streamlined in the water so they can swim faster. And there is nothing worse than turning your head to get a breath and only getting a mouthful of wet hair!!

One last optional but nice to have item, especially for younger swimmers, is the bungee goggle strap. They are only a few dollars and make adjusting goggles soooo easy! 


Where Can I Purchase all of this Swim Gear?


Team suits are available to purchase (at a discount ) on our team site by clicking the "Tornadoes Team Suit" button on the home page. If you are not sure of the sizing, check out this TYR size chart

Team swim caps will be available for purchase at practices and meets. Look for more information coming soon about onine sales of team swim caps.


You can also find swim gear locally at Kastaway Swimwear located at the Worthington Pool, Eglehoff's, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Disqualification: Why did my swimmer get disqualified (DQ'd)? (or "Help!! I finished 1st (2nd, 3rd, etc.)  but didn't get a ribbon!!!")

It is common for swimmers, especially inexperienced or younger swimmers,  to get a DQ (Disqualified). Coaches will try to talk to a swimmer after a DQ to let them know what they did wrong so that they can correct it. However, our coaches are very busy during meets. Swimmers can talk to the coaches at practice about the race they were disqualified in. For more information on disqualification, please see the Stroke and Turn Info page under the Parent Info tab.