Parent Volunteer Policy

Mandatory Parent Volunteer Policy

A typical Tangy Tornadoes season schedule includes approximately 7 swim and/or dive meets and a championship meet.  Our team typically hosts 3-4 home meets and attends 3-4 away meets.  Over 40 jobs have to be filled when hosting a meet and we are required to provide almost 15 parents to fill jobs at our away meets.  By the end of the season we will have filled nearly 360 volunteer shifts to smoothly run each meet!!


Organizing enough parents to fill the volunteer requirements for the season is crucial to the success of the meets and to our swimmer’s enjoyment of the season.  The Tornadoes' Board has researched the volunteer requirements of other swim teams in Central Ohio.  Based on this research and the numbers of service hours needed to run the team, we have put in place the volunteer requirement policy stated below.  We feel in comparison that this is a very friendly requirement, and is needed to ensure we fill the volunteer shifts necessary to run the meets.  Most positions require very little training and if anyone is unsure about a position please contact the meet director, the team president, the Volunteer Coordinator, or any experienced team parent for any questions.


‘Tangy Tornadoes Mandatory Parent Volunteer Policy

In order to run an efficient program, the 'Tangy Tornadoes Board has implemented the following volunteer policy.


Volunteer Requirement

Families are required to work four volunteer shifts by the end of the regular swim season; volunteering at the championship meet does not count towards this requirement.  Failure to fulfill your family’s volunteer requirement during the 2021 regular season will result in your family being assessed a $150 fee.  You will be unable to register your children for the 2022 season until this fee is paid.


Earn Volunteer Credit

Earn volunteer credit by "working" at swim and/or dive meets or by being a Committee Chairperson!  Our Volunteer Coordinator, (listed under Parent Info -> Contact Us), tracks the shifts completed by each family.  In order to earn credit for shifts performed, you will sign up for swim meet jobs on the team’s website and then you will check in with her at the swim meet.  You will be able to easily sign up for most jobs when you sign your swimmer up for a meet.  You will also receive a Job Signup Email with a direct link to the Job Signup page.  The jobs are on a first come first serve basis, so please sign up quickly.  Dive meet jobs are handled outside of the team’s website and will be coordinated amongst dive team participants.  You will receive training for any job you sign up for.  There is a full list of volunteer jobs and committee positions on the Parent Info tab of the team’s website.


At the Meet

Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, (listed under Parent Info -> Contact Us), prior to the start of the meet in order to receive credit for volunteering.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment and you need/wish to receive credit for volunteering, you MUST find a replacement and let the Volunteer Coordinator know who your replacement is!  We will accept parents, older siblings, grandparents, friends, neighbors, or anyone wishing to help out in your name!  If you cannot find a replacement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.  You will not receive volunteer credit for any shift that is filled by the Volunteer Coordinator.



Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, (listed under Parent Info -> Contact Us) with any questions or concerns