Swim Team Parents are the greatest resource our team has.  Without you, we would not have swimmers.  Without your help, our meets would not run effectively.

With this in mind, all families are required to help out during the course of the season. 

The Wayside Waves Swim Team could not cooperate without the work, help and time of all parents.  When you register your child, you are also registering yourself for certain duties and responsibilities.

Fulfilling Parent responsibilities is a great opportunity to actively participate with your child.  We ask parents to agree to minimal work contributions and other provisions to ensure that we have a successful, competitive, and healthy team with the best experience for all.

Most of the help will be required at our meets, volunteering for one of the many jobs that need to be filled (timing, scoring, running, line up, bullpen, stroke and turn judge, starter, etc.).  Other jobs filled outside of the swim meet (ribbons, etc.).

By signing your swimmer up to participate on the Wayside Waves Swim Team you are agreeing to volunteer for a minimum of 3 volunteer positions during the season.

You will be given an opportunity to sign up for various jobs.  These will be posted before the first meet and you will need to sign up in a timely manner.

Below is a list of some of the jobs with a brief description.

Timer – The Timer will time a lane during a meet.  If needed (depending on the type of watch you are given) you may need to start the stopwatch when the race starts and stop the stopwatch when the race ends.  At the end of each race you need to record the time you got on the Timer Sheet for the lane you are timing.  Occasionally the Stroke and Turn Judge may ask you to put DQ next to the swimmer’s name as well as a brief description of the infraction.

Runner – The runners help the meet move.  You will bring the timer sheets from the score table to the timers and when the timers are done you will return the timer sheets to the score table.  If the stroke and turn judges are using DQ slips you will bring these to the score table as well.

Scorer – Scores will take the times recorded on the Timer Sheets and enter the final times into the computer so we can record and score the meet.

Bullpen – The Bullpen staff will help organize swimmers into lanes and heats. 

Line-up help – You will help get swimmers to the Bull Pen.

Check-in Help – All swimmers will need to check in so the coaches will know who is at

the meet and who is missing.

Ribbon Help – We need parents to help put ribbons together.  We will try to hand out ribbons on the Monday after a home meet or the Wednesday after an away meet.

Starter – The Starter is the person who will keep the meet moving.  You need to make sure that the timers, the swimmers and the officials are ready before you start each race.

Stroke and Turn Judge – The Stroke and Turn Judge is the referee or umpire of the meet.  You will make sure the swimmers are swimming according to the rules and if there is a violation of the rules you will inform the score table of the violation.  All Stroke and Turn Judges must go through an initial training from the league.  These training take about 2 hours and are held in late October and early November. If you are even a little interested in going to one of these clinics please let me know.


updated 9/20/16