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How many practices are there a week?

Each swimmer may attend up to 3 practices a week.

How many practices must my swimmer attend?

We recommend that swimmers try to commit to at least 2 practices a week.

How long are the practices?

Practices for older swimmers (11-18) are 60 minutes.

Practices for younger swimmers (7-10) are 60 minutes.

Practices for the youngest swimmer (5-8) with no competitive experience are 30 minutes. 

What do you do in practices?

This depends on the group but for the most part we are working on improving strokes (Fly, Back, Breast and Free) and building endurance.

Why is my swimmer in that lane?

We try our best to group swimmers by ability within each practice time. If you feel that your swimmer is in the wrong lane please talk with the coaches before or after practices or give us a call or send us an email.

How should I communicate with the coaches?

If it is a short question or comment you can talk to us before or after practice but if you want a thoughtful answer the best way to communicate with the coaches is through email.

What equipment does my swimmer need?

Swimmers must have goggles and a "competitive" style swim suit for practices. A bathing cap is higly recommended.  ALSO, A BOTTLE FILLED WITH WATER IS A NECESSITY AT THE POOL SIDE. We will be working hard in the water and swimmers will need to rehydrate often.

Swimmers are expected to purchase a team suit to be worn at all swim meets (not at practices as to much exposure to chlorine will weaken the elastic and cause the suit to strech out prematurely causing water to collect in the suit during swimming and thereby causing "Drag" which slows the swimmers down.  Team Suit designs are often changed every 2 years due to manufacturers production of a design.

Are Fins needed and where can I get them?
We do have some fins in various sizes, but not enough for everyone, so purchasing and bringing your own would be helpful.

You can purchase fins through our Team Page at K&B Sports of Northborough. The link is       
The password is "Wayside".

Do I have to help at meets?

Yes, all families are expected to help at 2 or more meets during the season. You can see a list of the jobs and a brief description of each job on the Parent Help Page

What if I can't help at the meet because I work or have a health condition?

Most of the jobs we need help with are for jobs at the meets but we do have some jobs that can be done on the pool deck during practice and a couple can be done from home.

Are there other activities that you plan for the team?

Some activities we have planned in the past for the team are

Pool Party

Swim Team Banquet

We are always looking for parents to help organize these events or even other events.

Many teams do fundraising, does the Wayside Waves?

At this time, the Wayside Waves do not have any fundraisers.

How long are the swim meets?

Swim Meets last about 2.5-3 hours but between checking in, warm ups and the swim meet you will be there for about 3.5-4 hours.

What will my swimmer swim during a meet?

Swimmers can swim up to 3 events at our meets. They can swim 2 individual events and one relay or they can swim 1 individual event and 2 relays.

Most swimmers will swim in 2 individual events and we try to put as many swimmers in relays as possible but we can not get everyone in relays all the time.

What should my swimmer bring to the meet?

·They wear their team swim suit


·Towel (one for drying off and one to keep warm

·Sweat shirt

·A book or small game

·A bottle of water and a snack (most teams do sell food at the meets)

·Sandals, crocks or flip flops

·Please make sure your child's name is on all their belongings (including their swim suit). It is amazing how much stuff gets left at a pool after a meet or goes missing.

What should mom or dad wear to the meet?

Dress in layers. Many of the pools can be quite warm and humid.

How do I let you know if my swimmers will or will not be attending the swim meet?

All swimmers (families) must declare their intent to swim by the Sunday before each meet. This will allow the coaching staff time to make adjustments and have the lineup ready for the swim meet.

When you make your intent known you will be indicating if your swimmers will be attending the meet. Your swimmers can suggest possible events he/she wishes to swim., but the coaches will have the final say.

What if I forget to declare by the Sunday before the meet?
The swimmers will be asked at Monday practices whether or not he/she intends to swim at the meet the next Saturday.  After that, the line-up will be made and is usually submitted to the hosting team by Thursday night or Friday morning.  

The best way to be placed in the meet after Monday night is to email Coach Sue at  I will do my best to get every swimmer into the meet, however, if this becomes a trend, there is a $5 late fee charged. Remember, that I have a family too!

If I am not sure if I can attend the meet should I sign up in advance?

Always sign up for a meet. If you find out that you cannot attend, let us know as soon as possible so we can take you out of the meet. (Do this before the day of the meet, preferably sooner)

What if I sign up and cannot make the meet?

If you sign up for the meet and something comes up, you must let us know you will not be there. Please let us know at least a day or two before the meet.    As long as you try to contact me through email, txt or a call to my cell phone, before warm ups start, that will constitute an effort. If you fail to make an effort to let us know you will not be at the meet, there may be a no show fee that you must pay before you can return to practice or meets.


updated 10/28/18