Board of Directors

Forest Park Cabana Club Board of Directors 2019

Any concerns regarding the pool or procedures can be directed to the board via e-mail.

President - Adam Prince

  • Overall responsibility, with board, for all aspects of pool, employees, and members
  • Primary personnel and member liaison
  • Board meetings - prepare agenda and chair the meetings
  • Manages the pool manager (all feedback and direction to the manager are to be communicated through the president and VP. This will reduce confusion and conflicting communications with the manager)
  • Proxy letter - president's signature
  • Annual letter - president updates and signs letter
  • Insurance coverage and premiums
  • Responsible for working with treasurers to determine each year's budget plan

Vice President - Rob Lingscheit

  • Assist president as required
  • Acting president in president's absence,
  • Assist president in managing the pool manager
  • Direct the content of the FPCC website
  • Membership:
    • Keep updated membership rosters for the board, manager & keyholders
    • Keep updated "membership wanted "list
    • Offer sellers "membership wanted" list when they are ready to sell
    • Transfer membership from seller to buyer when necessary
  • Keys:
    • Responsible for tracking/issuing keys to board members, employees, members
    • Insure keys are returned when they are no longer needed
    • Collect staff keys at each year-end

Secretary - Heidi Richey

  • Compose and mail proxy letters
  • Print and mail/e-mail annual letter to members
  • Write & mail out-going correspondence as required
  • Write and mail/email board meeting minutes
  • Keep hard copies of all minutes and other pertinent records

Treasurer (Accounts Receivable) - Katie Fuller

  • Responsible for counting and depositing all moneys coming into the club. This includes:
    • Membership dues, penalties, and transfer fees
    • Concessions - swim meets and office
    • Swim Team - season and preseason
    • Swim Lessons
    • Swim team shop, fund-raisers, etc.
    • Memorial Day/4TH of July and Labor Day Party Guest fees
    • Daily Guest fees
  • Prepare annual budget with president and treasurer AP
  • Help treasurer AP and president prepare annual budget

Treasurer (Accounts Payable) - Oliver Smith

  • Responsible for tracking and paying all outgoing money
  • Bills
  • Refunds
  • Prepare annual budget with president and treasurer AP
  • Monthly Budget vs Actuals report - present for review at each board meeting
  • File annual non-profit tax form
  • Renew annual facility operation licenses
  • Payroll:
  • Verify employee rate and hours
  • Completed W4 forms from employees
  • Call information into Wells Fargo
  • Pick up checks and deliver to pool manager
  • Pay payroll taxes and state comp fund

Co-Athletic Directors - Danielle Mina & Lisa Wood

  • Responsible for managing the swim team budget and expenditures
  • Responsible for overall running of swim team
  • Act as Forest Park representative to the swim league
  • Manage the coaching staff (all feedback and direction to the coaches are through the athletic directors)
  • Staff meetings with coaches (and president if needed)
  • Prepare end-of-year performance review for coaches; review with president and VP for approval
  • Give approved end-of-year performance review to coaches
  • Coordinate all activities associated with swim team
  • Report to board regarding swim team and league activities

Co-Facilities - Mike Otte, Scott Hutflesz

  • Responsible for managing the facilities budget and expenditures
  • Responsible for repairing or contracting repairs of the pool facility. For example: bathrooms, sheds, BBQ's, sprinklers, etc. This does not include general pool maintenance which is the responsibility of the pool manager.
  • Responsible for general clean-up day (before pool opens).  Arrange tree and bush trimming in Spring
  • Arrange to have gas turned on in Spring
  • Contact city for garbage cans

Social - Leslie Sifferman

  • Responsible for managing the social budget and expenditures
  • Coordinates Memorial Day BBQ, July 4 party, Labor day party and End of season board dinner
  • Responsible for planning/coordinating other member events as determined by Board

Member at Large - Kristi Busch

  • Provide historical reference and support the board as needed.

Board Emails: General communications President correspondences Accounts Payable inquiries Swim Team inquiries Social correspondences Technical inquiries Accounts receivable inquiries


Other Club Aliases: Job correspondences Pool Manager correspondences Membership inquires Lesson inquiries

Note: All board members have equal voice & equal vote in the decisions of the pool.
Updated 3/2017