Pools Parties & BBQs

Pool Parties:

  • POOL PARTY REQUEST FORMS are available here and from the pool manager. In order to secure a date for a party, a request form must be filled out and turned into the pool manager at least 14 days prior to the party.
  • A maximum of 20 people are allowed per party during open hours; this includes both swimmers and non-swimmers.
  • Larger parties (more than 20 people) may be held during key holder swim hours with permission of the pool manager.
  • The pool manager will contact you within seven days to confirm or deny your request.
  • FPCC does not reserve tables (first come, first serve.)
  • You are required to clean up your area within 15 minutes of the conclusion of your party.
  • This is a brief summary of pool party regulations. You are responsible for knowing and following all the regulations of a pool party as outlined in the FPCC RULES & REGULATIONS.

BBQ Islands:

  • The four BBQ islands are hooked up to our natural gas supply.
  • BBQ GRILL INSTRUCTIONS explain how to use our wonderful grills .
  • It is very important to press and hold in the control knob for two seconds before rotating the knob to the LIGHT position to start the burner.
  • Special thanks go to Mike Otte for making this all happen, so make sure that he gets a sample of all the good things that you BBQ on those grills!!