Frequently Asked Questions About Swim Lessons:

Whom do I contact with questions about swim lessons? 

You may email questions to the Swim Lesson Coordinator, Alexia, at [email protected]


How many sessions of lessons are being offered for the 2020 summer season?

We are currently offering six sessions, but we may add more based on interest and instructor availability. 


How many classes do swimmers get during a two-week session?

Two week sessions are made up of eight twenty-five minute classes. There will be four classes per week, Monday-Thursday, for two consecutive weeks. On weeks with holidays (eg. Memorial Day, Fourth of July), a make-up day will be scheduled and noted during registration.


If I’m a member at FPCC, how do I get the discounted rate when I’m registering for lessons?

The coupon code information was sent out by the FPCC president at the beginning of the season. *Members may not give out discount codes to nonmembers.* Please email the Swim Lesson Coordinator with any questions. 


What happens if a swimmer misses a lesson?

There are no make-up lessons. For extenuating circumstances, please contact the Swim Lesson Coordinator. 


What happens if I need to cancel registration?

Lessons must be canceled at least seven days prior to the first day of the session in order to receive a refund. 

Can I make changes to registration once I schedule a session of lessons?

Changes to registration (times or dates) must be made seven or more days before the start of the session, and will only be accommodated based on instructor availability. Please contact the Swim Lesson Coordinator to inquire about availability. 


What ages do you offer lessons for?

We offer lessons for swimmers ages three and older. Swimmers must be at least three years old by the first day of their first session of lessons. 


Can my child’s sibling sub in for a lesson if the scheduled child isn’t there?

No, we do not allow sub-ins. 


Can non-members who are taking lessons remain in the pool after their lesson has concluded, or be in the pool prior to their lesson?

The pool is reserved for FPCC members. Non-members may be in the pool for ten minutes prior to their lesson, and must exit the pool once their lesson has concluded. 


Can I choose which instructor I’d like to teach my/my child’s lessons?

The Swim Lesson Coordinator will assign instructors based on best fit and availability once registrations have been received, and will do her best to ensure that if a swimmer is doing multiple sessions, the same instructor will be assigned to them. All of our instructors are well trained, enthusiastic, and able to adapt to different learning styles. Please contact the Swim Lesson Coordinator with any special circumstances or concerns. 


Can you tell me more about the class format and the different levels?

We have a carefully designed, level-based curriculum that all instructors follow and tailor to their swimmers’ needs and learning styles. Before the first lesson of each session, the Swim Lesson Coordinator assesses each swimmer and places them in a level based on their ability. The instructors are then able to follow the curriculum outlined for that particular level. At the end of the two-week session, the instructors will go over which skills each swimmer has mastered, and which skills they should continue to work on. If the swimmer is continuing with another session of lessons, they will begin where they left off in their most recent session. To view the student skill cards handed out at the end of each session, click here