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Parent Participation

Currently there are no required parent volunteer hours required for 2021 unless we hold in person meets.  For a normal year, there are strict parent participation requirements, as detailed below.  We are asking all families to still have their $100 volunteer deposit on file and this will carry over to future seasons. This $100 is refundable when you officially leave the team.  

The participation of swimmer families is essential to the success of the Benicia Stingrays Swim Team!  It takes 65+ people to run each swim meet.  Don’t feel intimidated to volunteer just because you are new to the team - it’s a fun way to get to know other families and to learn how the team functions.  

Shortcuts to:  Volunteering   Types of Jobs    How Do I Sign Up    Meet Job Descriptions    Core Job Descriptions   Code of Conduct

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator: Cyndee Bogard
Be sure to read this page and if you still have questions, email [email protected]g

Please note that the volunteer requirements for 2019 have changed so please read the requirements below carefully!!!  


30 Point Requirement (as a core volunteer or meet volunteer) AND 2 social event volunteer jobs

Each family of 3-14 year olds (as of June 15th) is required to complete 30 units (1 unit ~ 1 hour; approximately 6 volunteer shifts) at dual swim meets or serve as a core volunteer for the duration of the season.  You MUST ALSO sign up for two volunteer positions at team social events (Lucca's Beer Garden Night, Lapapalooza, Family Fun Night, Awards Ceremony).  It is up to you to pursue the jobs and credits you need.  All sign ups are done online.   If you have 2 or more children swimming with the Stingrays, the family requirement is the same (you do not have to double your volunteer requirements for 2 swimmers).  Families who only have swimmers 15-18 years old (as of June 15th) are not required to complete volunteer points.

Invitational meets and League Meet require additional volunteer hours (beyond your regular required volunteer shifts) for families with participating swimmers.  Home meets may require additional volunteers as well, TBD.

Job Buy Out:  

If you do not want to complete the 30 volunteer hours, you may "Buy Out" your units for $450 (note that this is a different amount from previous years).  The Buy Out does not get you out of the invitational and league meet volunteer requirements--these are separate events.


Job Substitutes:

If you do not want to completely buy out of your volunteer duties, but can't completely fulfill your 30 units of volunteer work, you can hire a sub or have a responsible individual (over 16 years of age) work your volunteer hours for you.  This could be a big sister/brother, aunt, uncle, neighbor, grandparent, whomever!!!  You can also hire a responsible teenager from the job sub list and pay them for covering your shift.  

When you login to sign up for a job, there will be a prompt to fill in if someone other than a parent is working that job.  Add in the name of the job sub or family member who is filling in for you.  Make sure the job sub or family member checks in with the volunteer coordinator (Cyndee Bogard) at the meet so you get credit for your hours!!!!  

Job Sign-Ups: 

First SIGN IN TO THE WEBSITE.  Then go to the 'Events & Meets' page to select your volunteer shifts.  On the home page, click on the "Events and Meets" tab.  The meets and social events will appear (social events are not currently posted, but will be closer to the actual events).  Find the event you are signing up for, then click on the 'Job Signup' button to select your shift(s). MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR SELECTION (bottom of sign up page). Click here for direct link.  The additional/separate volunteer assignments for invitational and league meets are assigned to each family--you do not sign up for these shifts.  The assignments will be emailed to you a day or two prior to the event.  Remember, ALL participants in invitationals and league meet must volunteer at these meets, even if you bought out with the $450 at registration.  

Families who fail to sign up for their required volunteer jobs will have 3 options: (1) let the volunteer coordinators sign you up for your remaining points, (2) pay $450 buy-out, or (3) quit the team by June 1st and get 50% of your registration fees back.


When do you sign  up for volunteer jobs?  

Volunteer jobs this year are first come first serve this year (different from past years).  Once you have registered for the 2019 season, you can immediately have access to registration for your jobs!!!!  Register early to get first pick at which jobs you want for the season!  The meet jobs are currently posted.  The social event jobs are posted closer to the actual social events and you will get email reminders when these jobs get posted.  

Penalties for Missing a Volunteer Job:

If you, a family representative, or your substitute misses a volunteer job without locating a suitable replacement, $100 will be taken from your $100 work deposit and you will receive an e-mail notice.  Swimmers will be restricted from practices and meets until a new $100 deposit is paid.

What if I can't find enough volunteer positions to fulfill 30 points (6 shifts)?

There are always jobs available somewhere, so please email [email protected] if you need help fulfilling your volunteer requirement.

If you have vacation plans, job conflicts, or childcare issues that would prevent you from working on Saturday mornings or Wednesday evenings, please email as soon as possible and we will help accommodate your needs. With advanced notice, we can often accommodate your schedule conflicts.
Change of plans?  Need a substitute?  
Swap with another family, ask a friend or family member to help you out, or pay a teenager on our Subsitute list to work for you.  Please make sure your substitute signs in and out with the volunteer director on the day of the meet so you receive credit for your job.  If you are hiring a job substitute, please e-mail our volunteer coordinator, Cyndee Bogard at [email protected] so she can update the volunteer list.  Note that the job substitue rate is increasing to $50 per shift for home meet and $55 per shift for away meets. 
If you have a teenager (16+) who wants to earn some easy money, email Cyndee to get him/her added to the volunteer substitute list! 
What if I haven't fulfilled my volunteer requirements by the end of the season?
You will be billed for how many hours you are short at the rate of $15 per hour.  If you fail to pay the balance of what you owe, any swimmers in your family will not be allowed to sign up for the next season until that balance is cleared.  



What types of Jobs are there?
There are 2 types of volunteer positions you can sign up for to fulfill your 30 required units.  These units are separate from the 2 social volunteer jobs you must also fulfill.  

1.  Meet Volunteers
Meet Volunteers fulfill units by carrying out various roles at home & away meets (serving as timers, recorders, meet set up and take down, etc).  You are required to fulfill 30 units (approximately 6 meets) over the season.  

2.  Core Volunteers
Core Volunteers fulfill all 30 points with a single job done throughout the season.  Core Volunteers are dedicated parents who plan fundraisers, coordinate social events, and lots more.

How Do I Sign Up?

1.  Meet Volunteers:  Job signs ups are available online through the "Events and Meets" tab.  

2.  Core Volunteers - First, check the Core Volunteers list to see what's still open.  You can sign up anytime by emailing [email protected]

How can I see a list of all the jobs I've signed up for?

  • This will be available on the Event & Meets page, under the Job Sign Up button (under event).

Meet Volunteer Positions   (scroll down or click for Core Positions)

Arrive by 7 am (Wed. 3:30 pm) to monitor gate. Only set-up crew is allowed before 7:30 (4 pm); at 7:30 (4 pm) families are allowed in

LATE GATEKEEPER:  Stay at the gate until take-down is done and deck is clear.    

Start and stop 2 stopwatches for each event. For any Timer who needs a replacement stopwatch, give one of the 2 you have. Collect stopwatches at end of meet and turn into Volunteer Coordinator

Start and stop stopwatch for each event. Show time to Plunger/Recorder

Depress a plunger when swimmer touches wall at end of race. Plungers are hanging from the awnings near the starting blocks.

Record times for each swimmer from the Timers and Plungers. Hand recording paper to Paper Runner

Give a short break to timers, plungers, & recorders

Collect papers after each event from Plunger/Recorders. Give papers to Data Entry Volunteer at computer table. Not a sitting job – if you like to be “on the go” this position is for you!

Give a short break to DQ Runners (cone side) and Paper Runners (chair side)

Attach event results on ribbons. Home Meets:  file ribbons in Family Folders. Away Meets:  attach stickers and bring ribbons back to Family Folders

MUST sign-in and sign-out with Meet Director to get units. Fill in for “no shows” – be prepared to work entire meet in various positions.

Core Volunteer Positions    ( scroll up or click here for Meet Positions )

Team Spirit

RIBBONS COORDINATOR                                                                           

  • Ribbons:  Inventory and order ribbons.  At home meets, provide guidance to Ribbon Volunteers at start of meet.  At away meets, collect Stingray ribbons at end of meet and file into family folders.
  • Maintain and update binder for this coordinator position
  • Please direct questions & all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor:  Meet Director


INVITATIONAL COORDINATOR (BATTLE OF THE AGES, 8 AND UNDER, ECI & LEAGUE)                                                

  • Promote invitationals through emails, website, flyers in Family Folders
  • Create swimmer sign-up forms and post on website.  [The Head Coach will collect forms and fees from each participating family and will give checks to the Treasurer.]
  • For all events, create volunteer sign-up sheets and place into Volunteer Binder ASAP.  All participating families must work each day they participate. Monitor volunteer sign-ups.
  • Post final volunteer sign-up sheets for invitationals on website.  Coordinate and supervise volunteers during both events.
  • Maintain and update binder for this coordinator position.
  • Please direct questions and all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor: President


HEAD SET-UP & TAKE-DOWN COORDINATOR                                                  

  • Meet with President and Meet Director before season starts to finalize details for home meets.  Organize and arrange storage shed.
  • Communicate with Set-Up & Take-Down Volunteers to create a schedule for the season. Find replacements on schedule when needed.  Give final unit tally (4 points per meet set-up or take-down; 2 points per pool event set-up or take-down) to Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Coordinate set-up and take-down for all home meets:  computer cables, timing area, tents, tables, cones, concession stand, chairs, ribbons & labels to computer table, etc.  Train Set-Up & Take-Down Volunteers.
  • Please direct questions & all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor:  Meet Director

SET-UP & TAKE-DOWN CREW                                                                           

  • Sign up for this position directly with Setup Coordinator, work the same job throughout the season    
  • Assist with set-up and take-down at all home meets and events (Lap-apalooza and Family Fun Night) at James Lemos Pool: computer cables, timing area, tents, tables, cones, concession stand, chairs, ribbons & labels to computer table, etc.  All volunteers must stay until the pool deck is empty and clean.
  • Must be willing and able to carry equipment to and from the shed to the pool deck.
  • Work with Head Set-Up & Take-Down Coordinator to total 30 volunteer points.


  • Start all races at Time Trials & all home meets
  • Fun job!  Watch the entire meet!


  • Make announcements, such as snack bar and sponsor information, at all home meets, Lap-apalooza, and Family Fun Night
  • Fun job!  Watch the entire meet!

DATA ENTRY (2 positions)                                                                                           

  • Record times for each individual in each race into the laptop at Time Trials & home meets
  • After all heat results are posted for event, recorders determine place winners & print ribbon labels
  • Receive training on Data Entry position
  • Please direct questions and all budget requests (in advance) to Board Advisor:  Meet Director

COLORADO TIMER                                                                                                       

  • Start and stop Colorado Timer for each event at Time Trials & home meets
  • Receive training on Colorado Timer position
  • Please direct questions and all budget requests (in advance) to Board Advisor:  Meet Director

RELIEVER FOR DATA ENTRY & TIMER                                                               

  • Assist and relieve Data Entry and Timer volunteers at Time Trials & home meets
  • Receive training on both Data Entry and Colorado Timer positions


HEAD STROKE & TURN JUDGE                                                                                    

  • Only a parent who’s been a Stroke & Turn Judge before can take this position.
  • Make sure new judges attend training session in May (6 points given for this).  After training session, arrange meeting with all judges, Meet Director, and Head Coach to discuss forms, etc.
  • Get available dates from judges and create schedule for all home and away meets (including Time Trials).  Find replacements on schedule when needed.  Give final unit tally (6 points per meet) to Points & Meets Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Volunteer as a judge at first 2 meets to get everything running smoothly.
  • Make sure all judges are in place at beginning of each meet.  Work with new judges as needed.
  • Maintain and update binder for this coordinator position
  • Please direct questions and all budget requests (in advance) to Board Advisor:  Meet Director

STROKE & TURN JUDGE                                                                                              

  • Watch swimmers to ensure proper techniques. When infractions are noted, S&T Judge has authority to disqualify a swimmer for that event.
  • Previous swim experience required.  2-hour training in May required for new judges (points given).
  • Work 5 meets x 6 points each = 30 volunteer points total

What is the team Code of Conduct?

Twin Counties Swim League Parent’s Code of Conduct

We (parents, coaches, and fans alike) represent the Twin Counties Swim League when our teams compete. The actions of one of us affect the image of all of us. This Code of Conduct encourages us to work together to play with good sportsmanship and to treat all players, coaches, referees, and parents with respect.

I therefore agree to:

  1. Treat Officials/Coaches with Respect

            I will respect the officials/coaches and their authority during swim meets and will never question, discuss or confront officials/coaches at the meet, and will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.

  1. Treat Swimmers with Respect

      I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct toward any other swimmer such as booing, taunting, or using profane language or gestures.

  1. Treat Your Child with Respect

            I will remember that my child participates to have fun and that the meet is for youths, not adults. I will never ridicule my child for making mistakes, but instead will praise my child for competing fairly and trying hard.  I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support.

  1. Treat Other Teams with Respect

            I will win or lose with class. I will never yell or criticize any member of the opposing team, their coaches, officials, parents or guests.

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be  subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:

- Verbal warning by official, head coach, and/or head of league organization.

- Parental meet suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file

- Written warning

- Parental season suspension