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Competitive Swim Lessons

Updated for Summer 2018

Competitive Swim Lesson Information

Competitive swim lessons will be offered after practices are completed, at the James Lemos Pool, by the Senior and Junior Stingrays Coaches.  Lessons will be offered by Senior Coach Ashlynn Smith, Assistant Senior Coach Jessica Scott, Assitant Senior Coach Alyssa Mainini, Junior Coach Amber Iniguez, and Junior Coach Elian Salindong.   Lessons will be offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Each coach has their own binder with a sign up schedule of their available times.  You can sign up for lessons at the pool during practice.  Binders should be readily available pool side but if you don't see a specific coach's binder, ask that specific coach where their binder is at.  Coach Steve and Coach Joe do not have the binders.  

Payment is due at the time the swimmer is signed up.  If payment has not been paid at the time of sign up, another swimmer may take that time slot.  Preferred method of payment is a check made out to Benicia Stingrays with the coach’s name written in the memo portion of the check.

There will be no refunds or make ups for no-shows.

Please be courteous to the coach and other swimmers and arrive 5 minutes before the start of your swimmer’s lesson.

Important:  Coach Steve and Coach Joe will not be present for competitive swim lessons.  If your child is younger and requires adult supervision, please do not drop them off unsupervised.  The deck and junior coaches are not there to babysit your children. 

Important:  When you arrive at the pool, tell the life guards at the desk that you are there for competitive swim lessons.  You will not be charged an admission fee for rec swim.  This is a privilege the city is giving our swimmers.  Do not take advantage of it!!!  Your swimmer is to arrive 5 minutes early to get ready for lessons.  They must leave immediately after their lesson is over.   If they want to play or swim laps before or after their lesson, they must pay for rec swim at the front desk.  If the team is caught in rec/lap swim without paying, we will lose the privilege of using the pool for competitive swim lessons.  Please do not ruin it for the entire team!!!!

Option 1: Private Lesson (1 on 1)

Senior and Assistant Senior Coaches may instruct any interested swimmer

Junior Coaches may instruct only 8 & under swimmers

20 minute lessons, 2 days per week – Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday

Cost $30.00 per session (each session = Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday) per swimmer

Our private lessons are designed to give the swimmer one on one attention he or she may need to build self-confidence and develop all 4 competitive strokes to achieve optimum performance in the water.  


Option 2: Group lesson (4 swimmer maximum)

30 minute lessons, 4 days per week -  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

Cost $35.00 per session (Monday through Thursday) per swimmer

In our group lesson, we guarantee no more than 4 swimmers (a relay team for example) in any session. This allows our coaches to effectively spend quality time with each swimmer in the lesson. Our coaches will focus on proper technique for all the competitive strokes and break down the three crucial components for a successful race: start, turn, finish.

Swimmers benefit from having small group lessons for social reasons which make the lesson more enjoyable and children tend to work harder. It's human nature to work a little harder when you’re around your peers.

In order for a group lesson to occur, all swimmers must be in agreement they will train together and only if the coach has an opening in their schedule.