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Summer Registration


2021 Summer Swim Info


Cost: $250 for all ages, which includes the cost for a team t-shirt.  You will be asked for t-shirt size at the time of registration.

Registration begins: Saturday, May 15th and is on a first come-first serve basis. If you sign-up after the season has officially begun, you may do so, but the fee will not be pro-rated and the full $250 will be due no matter how when your swimmer joins. Click here to be taken to our registration page.

Summer Fitness: Unfortunately this will not be offered this year due to the limited number of swimmers allowed in the pool. There will also not be the free one week trial swim at the beginning of the season for new swimmers.

Dates: Practice begins Monday, June 7th, with Time Trials on Saturday, June 12th. The  practice schedule can be found HERE. This is where it gets a little weird (what hasn’t been weird this last year?!)—we are scheduled to swim at Aquaknights on Saturday, June 5th. This  meet was set 2 years ago. Since our 6 & unders will not have had a chance to get in the pool yet, they will not be traveling to this meet. Anyone that feels that their swimmer is strong enough to swim in this meet can sign-up. If your swimmer can’t confidently swim the length of  the pool and/or hasn’t swum in the last year, we do not recommend they go to this swim meet.  We do not want someone to get hurt.  

Cancellation policy: With the individuality of this year, we are offering different refunds. If you cancel before the season begins (this is before June 5th as we have our first meet that day),  you get everything refunded to you except the $25 processing fee. If you cancel by June 14th  you get 75% of the registration cost back. Any cancellations after June 14th will have no refund.  Again, if you register late, the cost of registration will not be pro-rated and you will pay the full $250 no matter how long your swimmer swims.

6 and Unders: 6 and Unders will be allowed to swim during the summer with junior coaches assisting themin the water! ONE parent will also be allowed on deck with their 6 and under swimmer during practice. Please maintain appropriate social distancing between parents waiting on deck.

Meets: We have our tentative summer meet schedule HERE. It can also be found on our  website. We do not have a home meet until early July due to Covid restrictions at James  Lemos pool. Be prepared for different pools to have different rules, including James Lemos.  We will let you know the Covid protocols of each pool prior to the meet provided we have been  given that information. 

Volunteers: There is a $100 work deposit for all new families. We need volunteers to run our meets! We will not be able to hire high school students as volunteers this year due to the  limitation of people within the pool area at James Lemos. Due to Covid restrictions we will  have a minimal volunteer need this year. If you choose, you can still buyout your volunteer  requirement. This year it’s $150. Note that the volunteer buyout does not apply to any invitationals.  Volunteer signups will be available after registration as we are still confirming our volunteer needs.

Swimmers: The good news is we can swim M-F. The bad news is we are still in the Red Tier.  That means that we can only have a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane. We must register according to that requirement. We do not want to have to limit the number of swimmers, but we are left with no choice other than to not have a summer swim season that’s as close to  normal as possible. Here are the availability numbers per age group: 

Monday through Friday Practice Times and Groups

6 & unders - 12 maximum, swim in 2 groups 11:30-11:55 or 11:55-12:20, lanes 0-2 7/8s - 14 maximum, swim 11:30-12:30 lanes 3-9 

9/10s - 18 maximum, swim 10:30-11:20 

11/12s - 18 maximum, swim 9:30-10:30 

13/14s - 18 maximum, swim 8:30-9:30, dryland 9:30-10 

15/18s - 18 maximum, swim 7 a.m. (grog!)-8:30, dryland 8:30-9


The exception to the above schedule is the first week of summer swim. Coach Mariska is a kindergarten teacher and her school is still in session until June 9th. To accomodate this, practice for the first few days of summer will be 7am-9am for older kids and 3:00-6:30pm for the younger kids. We will send out reminders regarding this closer to the start of the season!


Please note that we have smaller numbers for the 8 & unders due to time and space constraints at James Lemos Pool. We are fortunate to be able to welcome our 6 & unders  back into the pool! We will have junior coaches in the water to assist the little ones. 

We will not have team suits this year, but we will have a team t-shirt so that we can show our  Stingray pride during swim meets. You can order the size of t-shirt when you register (cost of  t-shirt included in registration).