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Suits & Equipment

There will not be a team suit for the 2021 season.  We highly encourage you to buy a navy/dark blue or blue swimsuit.  We plan to have team suits for the 2022 season.   

Here is a list of recommended items for Summer swim.  Check out our team store for many of these items.  A percentage of your purchase will go back to the team.  

Swimsuit - Girls wear a one-piece swimsuit and boys wear jammers or briefs.

Caps - Swim caps, although not required, are a good idea.  A swim cap keeps your hair out of your face and provides great water run off during races.   It is recommended that you put your swimmer’s name on the inside of the cap with an appropriate waterproof marker. 

Goggles - Wearing goggles is a good idea to protect the eyes from the chlorine and other irritants.  

Fins - 7 and up swimmers are required to bring their own fins to wear during practice.  You can order them online or purchase them from swim shops

All equipment needs to be labeled with your child's name.  The coaches and the Board of Directors and lifeguards are not responsible for misplaced or damaged items.