Hello Senior swimmers!  Below are practices that you can complete since we cannot come together for regular practices.  These are not required by highly encouraged.  This is a great opportunity for you to take control of something during this uncertain time and find a way to get better.  I will not be checking in to see that you've done them, other than possibly asking for feedback so I can make them better.  I plan to post a new practice every weekday.  Many of these exercises should be familiar from past practices during the fall/winter.  Most days I have also included a supplemental activity that will focus on another aspect of swimming, usually either technique or mental focus.  Be sure to perform these exercises in a clear space and you move any furniture that might pose a hazard as you move or if you lose your balance.  If you have any questions, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Also, I welcome any feedback you have in order to make these practices more effective through the coming weeks.  

-Coach Tom


Monday, April 6:        practice             technique video to watch

Tuesday, April 7:        practice             video on mental focus

Wednesday, April 8:    practice         technique video       fun throwback video  

Thursday, April 9:       practice         video 1             video 2 

Friday, April 10:         practice             educational and motivational video

Monday, April 13:       practice             technique video

Tuesday, April 14:       practice         fun video 1        fun video 2

Wednesday, April 15:   practice          educational swimming video

Thursday, April 16:      practice           video on determination

Friday, April 17:          practice            new skill video

Monday, April 20:        practice              technique video

Tuesday, April 21:       practice             rules for success video

Wednesday, April 22:   practice          fun video    technique video

Thursday, April 23:      practice           reading article on adversity

Friday, April 24:           practice             Berkoff blastoff video

Monday, April 27:        practice               technique video

Tuesday, April 28:       practice            video on deliberate practice

Wednesday, April 29:   practice           technique video      fun video

Thursday, April 30:      practice            video 1         video 2

Friday, May 1:             practice             fun and inspirational video

Monday, May 4:           practice                video on starts

Tuesday, May 5:          practice                    video

Wednesday, May 6:    join Zoom dryland at 5pm(see email)  video on starts

Thursday, May 7:        practice              taking advantage of adversity

Friday, May 8:             practice              greatest swimming race ever

Monday, May 11:        practice                 video on open turns

Tuesday, May 12:        practice              developing a legendary mindset

Wednesday, May 13:   join Zoom dryland at 5pm (see email)                                                                         physics of swimming part 1

Thursday, May 14:      practice                physics of swimming part 2

Friday, May 15:          practice                physics of swimming part 3                    inspirational video

Monday, May 18:        practice               re-watch this video on freestyle

Tuesday, May 19:        practice               article and video on backstroke

Wednesday, May 20:    join Zoom dryland at 5pm (see email)

Thursday, May 21:       practice        article on managing stress and uncertainty

Friday, May 22:           practice         the woman who went head to head with Michael Phelps

Tuesday, May 26:        swim practice       dryland practice       Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Video

Wednesday, May 27:   swim practice      join Zoom dryland @ 1pm (see email)

Thursday, May 28:      swim practice       dryland practice       Freestyle catch

Friday, May 29:          swim practice       dryland practice       Confidence video - fear

Return to Swim - 1 swim practice for off-day, daily dryland workouts

Monday and Tuesday, June 1 and 2:        swim practice         dryland practices   Rise and Swim

Wednesday, June 6th: join Zoom dryland @ 1pm (see email)

Thursday and Friday, June 4 and 5:        swim practice         dryland practices       butterfly technique