Fun Team Activity

As we continue to work through this difficult time when we are separated from each other, the coaching has created some fun activities for the whole team to participate in.  We are going to start simple and we can ramp it up as things go.  We might get to the point where we all do something on a Zoom call.  

Today, we would like everyone on the team to complete the same online jigsaw puzzle.  Then you can send a screenshot with your time to Coach Tom and he will announce some of the fastest.  We do have a couple of conditions to make this fair.  Obviously this will be on the honor system, but we hope everyone will take this opportunity to have a little fun.  

1.  You have to take your time from the FIRST time you complete the puzzle.  Don't do it over and over again to try and get a faster time.  

2.  Do not use any of the help tools.  Just click on the link below and start putting it together.  

3.  Do not use any help from anyone else.  Parents and other family members, you are welcome to do the puzzle on your own and send in your time.  


Click here to go to the puzzle.


Here are some of our faster times:

Fastest Overall: Helen Russell - Intermediate Plus - 3:55!

Fastest Senior Elite: Megan Groseclose - 7:16

Fastest Senior Plus: Caleb Whitaker - 5:02

Fastest Intermediate Plus: Carter Ott - 7:38

Fastest Junior: Abigail Parks - 11:17

Fastest Junior Plus: Sami Woods - 8:54

Fastest Developmental: Ella Ackerman - 10:19