Practice Guidelines

Lakota Family YMCA Stingrays General Procedures and Protocols for all swim team practices beginning May 26, 2020.


The following procedures and protocols are being implemented beginning with the first organized team practices on or after May 26, 2020 in order to help limit exposure and slow the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.  All swimmers, coaches, parents, and other team members must adhere strictly to these protocols in order to continue participating in team activities throughout the summer months of 2020.  Announcements will be made when, and if, any of these restrictions are modified or lifted. 


Prior to arriving at the facility, all swimmers should:

Be feeling well and healthy.  Any swimmers who feel ill in any way, especially those with mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing should remain at home and consult with their primary healthcare provider.  Swimmers should remain home until their symptoms have subsided for a minimum of 7 days (14 days is recommended) and/or they are cleared to resume training by a certified healthcare provider after receiving a negative COVID-19 test.  See below for more specifics on positive test procedures.    

Have their temperature taken.  This is not mandatory, but highly recommended.  Any swimmer with a temperature of 100 degrees or more should remain home.  Temperatures may be taken by coaches or other YMCA staff members upon arrival at the pool.

Be dressed in their practice attire.  Locker rooms and bathrooms will not be available for changing.  Swimmers may wear street clothes over their suits that they take off on the pool deck. 

Shower off to help maintain proper pool chemistry.  Showers will not be available to swimmers before or after practices.

          Fill up their water bottle(s).  Water fountains will not be available for use at the pool. 

Wash their hands with a suitable disinfectant for a minimum of 20 seconds in accordance with health department guidelines.  Swimmers should make every effort to do this as immediately prior to leaving their home for practice as possible.  Swimmers may also bring hand sanitizer with them to practice for use immediately prior to entering the facility and/or beginning practice. 

          Avoid touching their hands or face after washing their hands and during travel to practice. 

Complete the practice group dynamic stretches/warmup.  A reminder of these routines is posted on the team website. 

Whenever possible, have transportation by members of their household.  While carpooling is not prohibited, it is highly discouraged in order to limit the amount of exposure swimmers have to others and maintain appropriate social distancing. 

Double check that they have all of their equipment and that it is in proper working order.  There will not be equipment available to use, borrow, or share.  This includes kickboards, pull buoys, fins etc. as well as cap, goggles, suits, towels, or water bottles. 


Upon arrival at the facility, all swimmers and families should:

Remain in their vehicle until a suitable time prior to practice has been reached.  This amount of time will be established by the YMCA management/coaching staff and will most likely be between 5-15 minutes. 

Enter the facility through the pre-determined entrance.  Whenever possible, swimmers should be dropped off and be the only people entering the facility.  If it is necessary for a swimmer to be accompanied into the facility it should be by a single person only.  If parents or other family members wish to enter the facility in order to workout, they should follow all procedures laid out for general YMCA members. 

Proceed directly to the pool deck while maintaining appropriate social distance at all times.  Swimmers should not walk through the facility with people outside of their household. 


Once on the pool deck:

Parents should proceed to the appropriate set of bleachers and maintain social distancing with all other persons on the pool deck.  While being present during practice is not prohibited, it is discouraged in order to limit potential exposure for everyone and slow the spread of any infectious diseases. 

Swimmers should place their belongings on their designated bleacher, promptly remove any street clothes, and proceed to their predetermined side of the pool and lane with all of their equipment while maintaining social distance with their teammates. 


During practices:

Swimmers should avoid physical contact with each other and make every effort remain 6 feet apart when they are not actively swimming.  Additionally, swimmers should be aware of the direction they face when resting. 

Restroom breaks should be rare and only 1 swimmer at a time will be allowed to go into the locker room to use the restroom.


At the conclusion of practice:

All swimmers and family members should leave the pool deck immediately.  Swimmers may take a couple of minutes to put their street clothes back on but should not dawdle.  Team members are encouraged to leave the facility promptly, however if they choose to remain in order to use other parts of the Y, must follow all procedures laid out for general YMCA members. 

All swimmers should take all of their equipment with them and not leave anything behind.  Lost and found will not be available and any items left behind may be discarded. 



Positive Test Procedure:

Should a member of the Stingrays test positive for COVID-19, the following measures will take place:

          The family of the individual should contact Coach Tom immediately.

          The individual will be expected to self-quarantine for 14 days and/or receive a negative                    COVID-19 test.

YMCA staff members will perform an additional thorough cleaning of all areas of the facility the individual may have come in contact with.

Coach Tom will notify the families of all swimmers in the individual’s practice group so they may make an informed decision about their swimmer.  This includes deciding whether to continue practices, seeing a healthcare provider, and/or seeking out a COVI-19 test. 



Additional General Guidelines:

Coaches will wear masks as often as possible before, during, and after practices.  Coaches will also follow all guidelines above pertaining to feeling well and healthy each day and proper steps to take if they do not. 

Swimmers are encouraged to wear masks from the time they enter the facility until they proceed to their assigned lane, and again once they exit the water. 

          Parents are encouraged to wear masks from the time they enter the facility until the time                they leave the facility.

Coaches, swimmers, and parents will not make any inappropriate comments about another person’s choice to wear, or not wear a mask.

If anyone has a concern about another person’s behavior, please contact Coach Tom.  Coach Tom will work with individuals and YMCA staff to resolve any conflicts about behavior or lack of social distancing. 

All Stingray team members as well as their families are expected to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool.  Anyone who is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines may be prohibited from continuing with team activities. 

As practices begin, swimmers will swim 2 to a lane, stopping and starting on opposite sides.  The only exception to this is swimmers who live in same household.  As we progress through the summer, the number of swimmers per lane will increase in accordance with local health guidelines.