Social Fun at the Pool

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Summer 2019


May  24-27th Memorial Day Activities

June 1 Family Movie Night 

June 9th Phillies Day

June 15th Donuts with Dad 

June 21st Schools Out Bash

June 24th Dinner by the Pool 

June 25th Men's Poker Night 

June 27th Tube Time 

June 29th Adult Social

July 4th Fourth of July Party

July 8th Dinner by the Pool

July 9th Pick Up Basketball

July 9th Men's Poker Night

July 11th Tube Time and Craft 

July 16 Pick Up Basketball

July 18th Tube Time 

July 20th Teen Social

July 22nd Dinner by the Pool 

July 23rd Pick Up Basketball

July 23rd Men's Poker Night

July 25th  Tube Time 

July 30th Pick Up Basketball

Aug 1 Tube Time 

Aug 5th Dinner by the Pool 

Aug 6th Pick Up Basketball

Aug 6th Men's Poker Night

Aug 8th Tube Time with Craft

Aug 10th Family Movie Night 

Aug 13th Pick Up Basketball

Aug 15th Tube Time 

Aug 19th Dinner by the Pool 

Aug 20th Pick Up Basketball

Aug 20th Men's Poker Night

Aug 22nd Tube Time with Craft 

Aug 24th Wexford Luau

Aug 27th Pick Up Basketball

Aug 29th Tube Time 



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