As you and your family make your summer vacation plans, please be aware of our club's updated rules and also by the state of NJ Board of Health: Here’s FAQ’s that have been asked by members and guests. Please reach out to the Manager on Duty if you have additional questions or concerns.


Q: What is your guest policy?

A: All guests must sign a Waiver before entering the club. Any guest under the age of 18 must have the Waiver signed by a parent or guardian. A Waiver cannot be signed by another minor or the minor him/herself. Maximum of 6 guests per day. A specific guest may visit the club up to 3 times per season.


Q: What age can a minor member come to the club alone?

A: Children ages 12 and older can come to the club without a parent, guardian or adult sponsor. Children ages 11 and under must have an adult sponsor who is 18 or older. Another family’s adult can also be a sponsor, as long as there is an adult taking responsibility for the child. A sibling who is 16 or older may bring their younger sibling, 11 or under with them to the club.


Q: Who is permitted to swim in the Baby Pool?

A: Any banded swimmers are not permitted to swim in the Baby Pool.