Associate Membership

Try Willowdale this summer...No strings attached!

Willowdale is celebrating 55 YEARS! 

Willowdale offers a membership for new members. Our "Associate Membership" is a great way to try the club for a whole season. Join the swim team, attend a tennis social, sign-up for pickle ball... Associate Members are free to enjoy all the club has to offer! There are no hidden fees, no extra costs, and the price stays the same regardless of family size. (Plus, grandparents are always welcome to come with you as free guests!)

You can register and pay online by clicking the "2022 Registration" button on our homepage.

After your first season at Willowdale:

Families who have enjoyed a year of Associate status and wish to join Willowdale in 2022, should select the A>R Option during registration which serves as the conversion to Regular Bonded Membership status.

Membership Fees
          Associate     (New Family)                          $425
          Regular (Returning Bondholders)
               R1 (Young Adult (18-26 OR Single Member Household)        $515
               R2   (2 Household Members)                                                $640
               R3   (3 Household Members)                                                $715
               R4   (4 Household Members)                                                $790
               R5   (5 Household Members)                                                $815
               R6   (6+ Household Members)                                              $840
         Senior (57+)
                S1   (Senior Single)                                                        $300
                S2    (Senior 2 Household Members)                               $350
                S3    (Senior 3 Household Members)                               $390
                S4    (Senior 4 Household Members)                               $435
  • A babysitter is $50 additional, must be accompanied by someone from the member household.
  • Grandparents are FREE, must be accompained by someone from the member household.
  • Guest passes are $40 for 10 punches OR individual guests costs $5 per visit.