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2018 Award Winners

Weekly Award Winners

Coves @ New Mark (June 7)

Swimmers of the Meet:

Isla Prado, Ava Hughbanks, Madi Schieber, Luke Bringus and Jordan Timmerman

Swimmers of the Week:

Bennett Ellsworth, Kylie Stodden, Tyler Dinh, Ava Stanley, and Bella Hipper

Spirit Croc –  Jack Stanley

Coves @ Kearney @ Coves (June 14)

Swimmers of the Meet:

Sebastian Baker, Anna Pudenz, Alyssa Thomas, Nick Avery and Aden Roberson

Swimmers of the Week:

Mackey Kliewer, Peter Oetting, Riley Wells, Elaina Ginest and Blaise McCoy

Spirit Croc: Andi Osborne

Coves Vs. Hills of Walden (June 21)

Swimmers of the Meet:

Asher Barton, Wren Colvin, Karis Barton, Lydia Pudenz and Hannah Schmidt

Swimmers of the Week:

Finley Colvin, Alysa Schieber, Tyler Dinh, Reganne Reed and Jack Smith

Spirit Croc:  Ben Reddekopp

Coves Vs. Woodneath (June 26th)

Swimmers of the Meet - Lincoln Cole, Landon Castaneda, Isaiah Bickers, Joshua Hanson and Sophia Lane

Spirit Croc – Asher, Laurel and Karis Barton

Coves @ Brooktree (June 28th)

Swimmers of the Meet - Halle Choate, Kaitlyn Werner, Cooper Robke, Abigail Moore and JACK SMITH (Final meet as a Coves Croc)

Swimmers of the Week (for both meets) - Addison Ellsworth, Katelyn Ellsworth, Jack Stanley, Michael Foster and Henry Brook

Spirit Croc –  Harper Dustin and Sophia Lane

Coves Vs. Walnut Creek (July 10th)

Swimmers of the Meet - Abriella Stark, Lily Moore, Nathan Elliott, Megan Lee and Kaleb Workman

Swimmers of the Week - Drue Kliewer, Laurel Barton, Isabel Nelson, Ryland Sloan and Carly Wells

Spirit Croc – Kaitlyn Faulkner and Kaitlyn Werner