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How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

  • Click START REGISTRATION (top right next to the photos on home page).
  • Read the introduction and click register now.
  • Check “I am a new user or I am not sure if I already have an account”.  
  • Enter your primary email address you want to use to log in.
  • Follow the steps then click continue
  • Fill in all the cells and click ADD.
  • Repeat for each additional swimmer
  • Click the “JOB SIGN UP” link.  This will take you to our job sign up page.  Please enter both parent’s names (first & last) and the preferred job.  Click NEXT and the page will close.  You will need to accept the job sign up form.
  • Please read and accept the Parent Code of Conduct.
  • Please have your kids read and accept the Swimmer Code of Conduct.
  • Click continue to bring you to the fees page
  • Select “Yes” if you want a team shirt for your swimmer
  • Select “Yes” for the USA Swimming Seasonal Membership if your child(ren) are not  year round swimmer(s).
  • Repeat this for any additional swimmers
  • Optional: Select addition t-shirts (for parents or family members) and swim caps
  • Click proceed to checkout.
  • Review your registration and click Submit Registration.
  • You will receive an email with payment instructions.


Thank you