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Little Crocs Swim Program


Coves Swim Team Little Crocs Program

Mondays thru Wednesdays 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 

Dates to be determined @ The Coves Pool

This program is for younger children who would like to learn how to swim and be part of our neighborhood team.  A parent/guardian must be present during every lesson.  Children must be at least three years old, potty trained, and live in the Coves or Coves North neighborhoods.  

Little Crocs will not swim in meets but are encouraged to attend and join other team activities.

$100 for the entire season

The fee has increased from last year because as a team we are required to pay USA swim team dues and Northland Swim Conference fees. 

PLEASE NOTE: The number of Little Crocs that are able to join will change from year to year.  We have a limited amount of space and assistant coaches.  For instance, if the Team does not get enough 8 and under assistant volunteers then our Little Crocs numbers will be have to be kept lower.  As a board we want the ratio of assistant to Little Croc to be low in order to continually maintain the safety of our swimmers.