Parent volunteers are a critical part of a successful season and vitality of any swim team.  Each family is required to work a total of at least three volunteer shifts this season; there are no specific requirements related to whether those shifts are at home or away meets.  Sign up online by clicking on Events and then selecting Job Signup on individually listed events.  On the date that Job Signup is opened, positions are available on a first come first serve basis.  Please work with the Volunteer Coordinator for any volunteering needs or concerns. See the Swim Team Committee page for Volunteer Coordinator information.  If you are available to help out at more than 3 meets, let the Volunteer Coordinator know directly and she can place you as a floating volunteer until gaps for each meet are identified. 

A $250 deposit from each family is required for volunteer responsibilities. Your check will be torn up at the end of the season assuming you have fulfilled your team volunteer duties.

Parents of swimmers who will be swimming in Silver and Gold Conference Meets are expected to volunteer to work at one of the two Conference Meets above and beyond the 3 meets identified above.


Volunteer Job Descriptions and Report Times (Swim Meets)

Meet Set-up (5:00pm) - Set-up involves putting up starting blocks, ropes, flags, moving chairs, arranging tables and supplies in concessions area, etc. Some heavy lifting is required for this job.

Gate Marshall  (5:30 pm) - They will make sure only those allowed enter the pool deck.

Starter (6:00pm) -  The starter starts each race and ensures that the swimmers start simultaneously.

Meet Manager Entry (6:00pm) - Enters the swimmer times and disqualifications into the meet manager software. Prints ribbon labels for Ribbon Writer to apply to ribbons.

Meet Data Clerk (6:00pm) - Receive timesheets from the runner and put them in lane order, attach DQ slips to the appropriate time sheet and mark as DQ. Reads the times for each swimmer to the Meet Manager (if desired) to help them input the data into the computer.

Announcer (6:00pm) -  This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and outgoing personality.  The announcer works with the Starter to make sure the meet runs quickly and smoothly.

Bullpen (6:00pm) Bullpen will be run a little differently this year with 3 stages of bullpen and BOTH teams bull penning together. Bullpen volunteers will corral ALL swimmers into spots outside the deck and then onto the deck and then behind the blocks. There will be 5 events bull penned at a time.

Bullpen Runner (6:00 pm) - Bullpen Runners will have bullhorns to annouce to swimmers which event is lining up at bullpen.They will need to be in coordination with the bull pen volunteers.

Timers (6:00pm) -  This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced parents.  You use a stop watch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane.  There will only be 1 timer per lane this year because of social distancing.

Back-up Timer (6:00pm) -  Time each race and be available to step into a particular lane if one of the timers misses the start. There will be 2 back up timers since there is only 1 timer per lane this year.

Floater Volunteers  (6:10pm) - They will fill in where needed or until the meet is organized. If all the helpers are not needed they can tag team or take shifts among other volunteers.

Runner (6:10pm) -  After each race the runner collects the times from the timers in each lane and takes them to the scoring table.

Stroke and Turn judge (6:10pm) -  These judges determine whether a swimmer touched the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke were legal.  You are required to take a class before the start of the season to become a Stroke and Turn Judge.

Heat Winner Prizes (6:10 pm) After each individual race (No relays) - this person will hand a prize out to each winner of the event

Ribbon Writer (6:45pm) -  This person takes the labels from the person running Meet Manager and puts them on the back of the ribbons and into each child's family folder. 

Meet Clean-up (End of Meet until finished) -  These people need to stay after the meet to help put the deck chairs back where they belong, put the tables back in the club house, empty the trash and basically clean-up after the meet.

How to Sign Up to Volunteer at a Swim Meet

Click here to see instructions on how to sign up as a volunteer at a meet.

Volunteer Coordinators (Swim Team Committee)

Swim Team Chair -- Runs the Swim Team Committee and reports to the Pool Board. Coordinates the hiring of all Swim Coaches. Helps Vice Chairs plan senior night and coordinate ORCA of the week. Handles payment of the Coaches and Swim Helpers. Coordinates Orca Open House in April or May.

Vice Chair and Trident Treasurer – Helps the Swim Team Chair with any needed tasks and fills in when the Chair is unavailable. Both Swim Team & Vice Chairs plan senior night and coordinate ORCA of the week. Vice Chair also handles orientating new families to ORCAs making sure they know what to expect and who they can turn to for questions. In addition, Vice Chair handles concessions cards for referring families and the coordination of Trident conference t-shirts. The Vice Chair also serves as the Trident Treasurer for the Trident Swim Conference Board. Trident Treasurer collects payment from each team for their trident swimmer fee. Trident Treasurer is in charge of any Trident Swim Conference deposits, payments or reimbursements that are needed. Trident Treasurer also helps with Gold Meet Hospitality and Concessions and fills in as needed for the Trident Rep.

Secretary – Creates agendas and takes minutes at all meetings. Helps keep the Swim Team Committee informed.

Swim Team Treasurer –  The Treasurer maintains the team’s financial records and cash requirements.  Provides budgets to other committee members, maintains checking account, makes team deposits, pays all team bills and reimbursements, and uses proper bookkeeping processes to document and provide an audit trail for all money transactions. Gets cash boxes ready for concessions.

Registration Coordinator –  Collects all registration and deposit checks and completes registration for each swimmer once payment has been made. Sends list of swimmers to the Pool Board to ensure they are all pool members. Provides Trident conference t-shirts maker with swimmer  names for back of shirt. Provides membership list to awards chair for award purchases. Provides Trident Treasurer with membership totals for Trident swimmer fees.

Spirit Wear / Professional Swim Photos Coordinator  Makes arrangement to prepare team orders for Silicone Swim Caps, Swim Suits, and Apparel. The sale starts about 8 weeks prior to the start of the swim season and goes along with the day of Registration-and-Parent-Orientation-Day. We allow 4 weeks to order, and plan on 4 weeks to process the orders.  When caps, swim suits and apparel get delivered, the apparel coordinator contacts individuals to coordinate pick-up.Contacts PMI Photography to discuss availability in January. The team prefers to hold the event on a Wednesday about 2-3 weeks into the season. The date will be announced on the website, at registration and via email-blast. Order envelopes will be provided some days prior to the event. Each swimmer receives a form in his/her folder as well. On Picture-Day, the coordinator is present to direct the photographers and makes sure the event runs smoothly. Jim will take team, group and/individual pictures.

Sponsorship & Scholarship   Solicits sponsorships for the Orca Swim Team. These sponsorships are placed on the back of our free yearly Orca swim t-shirts, advertised on our website and in the Gold Meet Program.  Organizes fundraisers at local restaurants. Coordinates the yearly scholarship for applicants who meet the criteria.

Trident Representative   Attends Trident Meetings and is Oakhurst's voting liaison. Helps create the Trident Swim schedule for the summer. Works with other swim teams representatives to make decisions on canceling meets or anything that arises. Helps coordinate Trident Officials training.

Volunteer Coordinator   Determines the jobs needed for each dual swim meet. Keeps track of how many meets families have volunteered for and determines if the family can get their volunteer deposit back. Checks families in at every meet and provides the volunteers with the supplies and tools they need to do their job.

Website Admin –  Responsible for updating oakswim.com prior to each season including set up of annual registration, upcoming events and meets, content development and account maintenance.  Throughout the season the web admin is required to update all relevant content in a timely manner including Announcements, Meet Results and Records. Also responsible for keeping web hosting and Team Unify services in good standing.

Team Photographer –   To take pictures during home-meets, it is recommended to have a good lens to zoom in on single swimmers. Upload the photos onto Google-Photos and share them with the team to enjoy. An ORCA Email address and password will be provided.  At the end of the season, all photos will be displayed on the screen in the clubhouse as a slideshow.

Ribbon Writer Coordinator  -   The Ribbon Writer Coordinator will make sure that the swimmers have a family folder and keep them current.  They will oversee the ribbon writer volunteers at each meet and be responsible for taking the box of folders to and from the meets.  Lastly, the Ribbon Writer Coordinator will order and keep an inventory of ribbons.

Meet Manager - Meet Mangaer is trained in the Meet Manager software and operates the program during the meet to print timesheets, print heat sheets, input times, modify line-ups, print ribbon labels, give the overall score to the announcer periodically and other functions as necessary. At the conclusion of the meet, the results are copied to a flash drive for the visiting team and printed. You are required to take a class before the start of the season to work with the Meet Manager software.