HyTek Meet Management "How To"

Hy-Tek Team Manager Set-Up

Printable Directions      How to get Hy-Tek

Emergency Hy-Tek Lite (this is a free download that will let you get your kids into the meet/nothing else)


Setting up Teams:

  1. On the hy-tek homepage, go to “teams”
  2. Click “add”
    1. Use the 4 letter school code assigned to your school by the UIL (
  3. Fill in short name and long name
  4. Click “OK”


Setting up Athlete Rosters:

  1. On the hy-tek homepage, first go to “set up”
  2. Click “groups/subgroups/codes”
  3. Click on “ADD” and add four codes for the athletes grades
    1. Code = 12
    2. Description = Senior
    3. Code type = school year
    4. Click “OK”
    5. Repeat steps a-d  for 11, 10, 9 grade
    6. Click on the SMALL “X’ to go back to homepage
  4. On the hy-tek homepage, go to “athletes”
  5. Click “add”
  6. Enter last name, first name,
  7. Enter gender, 1st team, school year
  8. You want to enter their birthday and click on the “Build Swimmer ID” if they are a USA Swimmer so that their high school times at big meets may be entered into USA Swims and count for their club team.  If they are not a USA Swimmer, you don't need to do it.
  9. Click “OK” – the athlete will be created and immediately reset to add another


Meet Event File:

  1. You can do this one of two ways:
    1.  have the “event file” for a meet in order to do entries (this is a “Meet Manager” zip file from the host team that is sent to you)


  1. Create the event yourself (much more time consuming because you have to create the meet and every event, so ask the host team for their “event file.”)
  1. Place the event file onto your desk top
  2. In hy-tek team manager, go to “file”
  3. Click on “import” and then “meet events”
  4. On the left, make sure you are on “desk top” and search down for your zipfile for meet events
  5. Double click “meet events” file
  6. Pay attention to where the computer is saving the file, and click “OK”
  7. Double click the meet events file that appears
  8. Click “ok” and “ok” again
  9. Go to “meets” and you should see the meet you just imported



Individual Entries:

  1. Under “meets” single click the meet you want to create entries for – the meet will be highlighted (if a new box opens up you double clicked it…hit cancel)
  2. Choose “by name”
  3. Single click the name of the swimmer
  4. Single click the box for the events you want the swimmer entered into (the event will become highlighted
  5. If no time is listed, but you have a time to list
    1. Single click on the “custom time” box twice and you will get a cursor in the box
    2. Enter the time without decimals
    3. Click into another box (if you hit TAB it will mark the entry as exhibition…you don’t want that)
    4. The athlete is now entered in the events you have chosen (you may unclick events to change entries at any time)

Relay Entries:

  1. From the homepage, click “meets”
  2. Single click the meet you want to make entries into (this will only highlight the meet)
  3. Choose “by event”
  4. Single click on the relay event you want to make entries for
  5. At the top, choose the “swim for team” box and choose your team
    1. Your team’s swimmers will appear
  6. Click “new relay”
  7. Double click athletes in the order you want them on the relay
  8. Enter a time if you have a time for that relay
  9. MORE THAN ONE RELAY?  Each time you click on “new relay” it will add another



  1. From the TM homepage, click on “file.”
  2. Click on “export”
  3. Click on “Meet Entries”
  4. Double check to make sure that the correct meet is showing.  It is going to automatically choose the last meet created.  If you need another meet, then go to meets and single click on the meet you wanted.  Then repeat step 1-3.

5.Remember the file that the computer is saving the meet into!  And click save.

6.Go to the file where the meet entry “zip file” was saved and drag it to your desk top.

7.Email this “Zip File” to the meet host.