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Weekly Challenges & Dress-Up

Week 3

Happy Monday, Stingrays!
We didn't get quite as many submissions for Carpool Karaoke: Social Distancing as we would have liked.  However, the two videos that we did receive were AMAZING!! 
I think you'll agree that the sister duo of Addison and Emmalyn should be the next hosts of Carpool Karaoke, right?? 🙂
We will still be posting for Workout Wednesday but will be switching it up for our regular challenges, so stay tuned!

Week 2

Hi, Stingrays! Happy Monday!
Here's the video that shows all of the pictures that families sent in for our first challenge and dress-up!

Week 2 Dress-Up:
This week, our dress-up is YOUR CHOICE! Yes, that's right.  We want to see any creative dress-up you would like to pick for this week.  Pick a character from your favorite movie, sports team, or maybe one of the dress-ups that your Stingray coaches have done over the years!  Feel free to share your picture to our Facebook page, but also email it to [email protected] so we can make sure it makes the next video!

Week 2 Challenge: 
The virtual challenge is one we are really excited about! We challenge you all to send in a video so we can make CARPOOL KARAOKE: SOCIAL DISTANCING EDITION!!! Send us a horizontal/landscape video of you dancing and singing in the car with family or even just around the house! Then we will mash it all together into one amazing video.  Tips: Turn up the music pretty loud in the background so it comes through on the video, and film it horizontally! Need some inspiration? Check out our YouTube channel for some great throwbacks.  Email your video to [email protected] when it's ready!

Week 1

Hi, Stingrays! HAPPY JUNE!!! It's June 1st today, how crazy is that? Here is your first challenge and dress-up!

Week 1 Challenge:
Draw our Stingray logo! You can use any materials you have at home; chalk, paint, legos, etc.! Then send us a picture. Make sure you are in it! 

Week 1 Dress-Up:
STINGWEAR!!! It's our first week of the season, and this Friday would be our Kickoff Picnic. Send in a picture of you and your family sporting your Stingray gear! 

We would love to see pictures for both the challenge and dress-up! You can post the pictures to this Facebook page, message them to us on Facebook/Instagram or email them to [email protected]. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thanks!!