Booster Committee

Booster Committee Volunteer Descriptions


Booster Chair

Organizes swim and dive program, keeps track of all aspects of the team, makes sure everything is on track, and sits on the civic board

Vice Booster Chair

Works with Booster Chair to support swim and dive volunteers


Keeps track of all money in and out.  Develops budget with the input of Booster Chair.


Takes minutes during monthly booster meeting.

Coaches Committee

Assemble as committee to identify and hire coaches for each season.  

Dive Team Coordinator

Organizes and runs all aspects of the dive team. Recruits and assemble committees as needed to unsure a successful dive season.

Web Master

Updates and maintains Website


Collect and update registration information on  Team Unify

TriCounty Rep

Represents the Deer Brook team at all Tri-County meetings and reports to the booster committee.

Program Coordinator

Fills in  open positions in the booster committee by identifying qualified  individuals and then asking for their commitment

Social Coordinator

Organizes all social events involving the swim and dive teams. Also recruit and manages an event organizer for each Pep rally

Data Specialist

Inputs all swim data into touchpad during the swim meets. 


Designs and orders any and all apparel for the swim and dive season

Qualifying Fish

Paint all Bluefish, keep track of qualifiers after each A meet, update bluefish though the season

Record Board

Updates record board, orders any plaques when a record is broken.  Completed by the end of August

Team Pictures

Contact with team photographer, takes care of any logistics and getting word out to the team.  Puts pictures in folders


Recruits a committee to research and decide on team suit for the season


Contacts the local papers to inform then of our home meets, 

Photography Video

Documents the whole season through video and pictures.  Makes the annual video shown at the banquet

Sr. Pictures

Takes and prints the sr. pictures presented to the sr at the last pep rally and home meet

Age group - Parent

Liaison between the parents and other coordinators.  They are responsible for the group basket and end of season skit.