Certification Required

Certification Required Volunteer Descriptions



Presides over the meet to see that the meet runs on time, and is fair and safe for all swimmers. It is the responsibility of the Meet Referee to stop a meet due to hazardous weather conditions. The Meet Referee holds meetings for coaches and officials at the beginning of each meet to answer any questions and make necessary clarifications of rules and procedures. The Meet Referee clears the pool at the start of each race by blowing a whistle. He must also sign all swimmer disqualification forms before they are sent to the Scorer’s Table.


Gives the commands to the swimmers to start each race, and then to start the race.

Place Judge

Stand at the end of the pool and observe the end of the race and record the observation on the finish card. The Judge helps decide the order in which the swimmers finished the event (i.e., who won). No technical knowledge of swimming is required, but it does require a keen ability to focus your attention for close races.

Stroke and Turn Judge Lane

Determines if each swimmer is swimming the stroke legally as defined by USA Swimming rules. It is the responsibility of the Stroke Judge to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal.

Scorer - Sorter

Takes cards and puts them in order according to the Place Judges decision. 

Scorer - Caller

Call out results off cards after sorter completes sorting.

Scorer - Writer

 Keeps a cumulative score of the meet. This record indicates by event the swimmer’s name, team, time, and points earned. Each team provides a Scorer, and they work together to confirm accuracy.