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Running a successful swim meet takes many parent volunteers. In fact, it takes over 50 parents to time, officiate, score and run a typical swim meet. Although we have many fantastic parents who are willing to work any time we need them, it takes all of our parents pitching in throughout the entire season to get everything done.  To help distribute the work load fairly and to make sure all jobs are filled at each event, we require that each family complete a minimum of TBD volunteer work credits/points during the season. (We usually call them work credits but the tracking system assigns points...they are the same thing.)

Families who do not complete required volunteer points by the end of the season will be charged a $150 volunteer fee.  This fee is not pro-rated.  You must work all required credits/points to avoid being charged the volunteer fee.


The following is a brief description of the areas where VOLUNTEERS are needed for meets and social events.  None of the jobs require previous experience unless noted. 


Per league rules, the home team should provide either the starter or the referee, one turn judge, and one stroke judge.  The visiting team should provide either the starter or the referee and the other turn judge and stroke judge.  If the visiting team is unable to provide any of the specified officials, the home team is responsible for filling the positions.

Sign-ups for officials may include more positions than will actually be needed to make sure we have enough people to cover all jobs in case the visiting team is unable to cover their 3 positions.

  • 1 Starter (2 POINTS)
  • 1 Referee (2 POINTS)
  • 2 Stroke Judge (2 POINTS)
  • 2 Turn Judge (2 POINTS)


TIMERS  (2 POINTS) – Home and Away Meets

  • 12 Timers for each home meet are needed, 2 people at each lane.
  • 6-8 Timers are needed for away meets, 1 person required per lane.
  • Attend timer's meeting before start of meet. 
  • Use stopwatch and record swimmers’ times at the finish of each race.
  •   If you fail to show up for the timers meeting for your shift you will not get credit for this work session.

BACKUP TIMER (1 POINT) - Home meets only.

  • Help set-up and distribute clipboards, stop watches, pencils, and timer sheets for each lane
  • Serves as back-up timer by starting 2 watches at the start of every heat

RUNNER (1 POINT) - Home Meets Only - 1 Position

  • Collect lane slips from timers and DQ slips from officials and deliver to scoring table.
  • Check with the timers to see how many events are on each timer sheet, then show up and collect the sheets each time they are filled.  (Usually every 10 events).

SCORING (Meet Manager Operator)  (2 POINTS) – Home Meets Only

         Meet Manager Operator requires Training and/or Prior Experience

  • Prior to the start of each meet, receive entries from the coaches
  • Enter information into the computer.
  • Enter times for all swimmers into the computer and print out labels for ribbons.
  • Print out meet results for the coaches at the end of the meet


  • At least 20 minutes prior to the start of each meet, report to the scoring table.
  • The computer operator will train you on how the wireless watches work and explain how to monitor the functioning of the watches.  You will be watching a computer monitor during every race.
  • When there is a problem with a watch during a race, you will contact the starter or backup timer to notify the appropriate timer to reset their watch.  
  • You will make sure the starter resets the wireless watches before the start of each race.
  • You must be available to sit at the scoring table during the whole meet.  The computer operator can cover for you so you can watch your own children swim.


  • Distribute cold water to coaches, timers, and officials during the whole meet

RIBBONS AND AWARDS  (1 POINT) - Home Meets - 2 positions

  • Put labels on ribbons, Separate ribbons by home team/visiting team.
  • File home team ribbons in team file box.
  • Have ribbons ready for visiting coach at the end of the meets

CONCESSIONS - Home Meets Only

  • Set-up and Serve - First Half - (1 POINT) Set up serving area for home meets (need to be at the pool by 4:30 PM), and serve food. 3 People
  • Serve and Clean-up - Second Half - (1 POINT) Serve food, and stay for clean up after the meet. 3 People
  • Cashier First Half (1 POINT) - Operate cash box during meet for concessions. 1 Person
  • Cashier Second Half (1 POINT) - Operate cash box during meet for concessions. 1 Person 
  • Grill Food First Half  (1 POINT)- Serve up hamburgers, hotdogs for concessions.  1 Person
  • Grill Food Second Half  (1 POINT)- Serve up hamburgers, hotdogs for concessions.  1 Person


Volunteers will be stationed at the Clerk of Course area where swimmers will check-in with the volunteers.  When volunteers have all of the relay swimmers gathered for the event, they will walk the 1st and 3rd swimmers to the starting block end of the pool and line them up.  They will then walk the 2nd and 4th swimmers to the other end of the pool and line them up.  Parents should not take 8&Under relay swimmers directly to the blocks...please take them to Relay Coordinator. 

  • Coordinate and facilitate relays for the 8 & Under swimmers for both the Medley and Free relays.
  • Help get swimmers to the correct lane for their relay events
  • Depending on size of age group, there could be 3 relays for each event.

Parents are responsible to get their child to the blocks for individual events.

CLEAN UP  (1 POINTS) - Home meets - 1 position

  • Work throughout the meet to keep trash picked up around the pool, pavilion, and parking lot. If trash containers are getting filled, assist pool staff with changing out trash bags.
  • Assist pool staff with putting away equipment, chairs, etc, at the end of the meet
  • Wipe off tables, make sure all umbrella's are closed. Leave a clean pool area for the next day


SPLIT THE POT (1 POINT) - Home Meets 1 Position

  • Collect split the pot, announce winner half-way through meet.

PARKING  (1 POINT) - Home meets - 2 positions

  • Be available at the pool by 4:30 PM
  • Direct cars to parking areas in the lot and grassy areas
  • Stay in the parking lot until approximately 6:15 PM
  • Periodically check the parking areas to be sure that no cars are on the street opposite the pool, or on neighbors’ lawns

 ICE CREAM SOCIAL, TEAM SOCIAL EVENTS & BANQUET workers - number of positions and points will be posted in each event.

  • Work at  Ice Cream Social including set up, serving and clean-up
  • Work at social event(s) held during the season
  • Assist with set up of chairs, dessert table & refreshments at end-of-year Banquet  

PICTURE DAY  - One morning at the pool, taking the place of practice

  • One parent is needed to coordinate Picture Day at the pool (2 POINTS)
  • One parent will be needed to assist the coordinator (1 POINT)

REACH OUT LAKOTA - Help with donation collection event at swim meet or during practices.

  • Publicize the event to our team
  • Coordinate the event with Reach Out Lakota
  • Purchase or solicit prizes if needed
  • Coordinate the collection of donations at the swim meet/practices
  • Arrange for pick-up or delivery of donations after the meet
  • One or more helper positions may be created depending on the scope of the event - 1 point each


Announced later in the season depending on needs at Miami.

CONCESSION DONATIONS - (Greatly appreciated, but 0 points)

Please note that food donations DO NOT count towards your work requirements.  The sign-up system will not allow us to assign zero work credits to food donations.  That is why food donations are listed as worth .02 credits, the smallest credit allowable.  Food donations are deleted out of the volunteer tracking system when we calculate credits earned per family.