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Practice Schedule

2020 Season will be a stroke-clinc style with practice times assigned by the coaches through email.  This is so that we can keep groups small to comply with current COVID regulations.


2020 Wavemaker Schedule




  • All swimmers must attend practice the day of the meet to swim in that night’s meet.
  • All swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 days of practice (includes the day of meet) each week.
  • Swimmers with attendance of less than 60% will only swim one event (relay of individual).
  • Extended absence (2 days or more) must be accompanied by a note stating time to be missed and the reason. 
  • Swimmers participating on other summer teams must attend the equivalent of the minimum of 3 days of practice with either or both teams. Swimmers practicing with YMCA or USA teams are asked to make every effort to attend the Lakota Hills practice on meet days. If this is not possible, these swimmers can still compete in the Lakota Hills meet provided they have practiced that day with their club team, and the Lakota Hills coaches are notified prior to the meet day. 



  • Practice will continue during the rain.
  • Practice will not continue in water during thunder, lightning, or heavy rain with strong winds.
  • Practice will not be held if temperature falls below 55 degrees.
  • If weather conditions are questionable, check the web site or call 777-9121, mailbox 4, for the recorded message. 



  • Parents are welcome to watch practice but are requested to observe from the pavilion. Parents are also requested to refrain from speaking with the coaches during practice, as this takes their attention away from the children. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, etc., please schedule a time to meet with one of the coaches and they will be happy to talk to you. During practice it is important that they focus on coaching your children.


  • Parents must refrain from speaking with officials and coaches during meets. Swimmers will get information from the coaches. If you have questions/concerns about DQs (disqualifications), please wait to talk to the coaches after the meet.