Tips for Swimmers and Parents


  • ❖  Swim meets start promptly at 6:00 pm and generally last until 9:00-10:30pm.The 6-and-under swimmers can leave after the breaststroke (just after the midpoint of the meet) since they do not swim in the butterfly or relay events. As you leave the meet, please clean your area, whether at our pool or at a visiting pool. Clean-up is everyone’s responsibility. It only takes a few people to get the job done quickly.

  • ❖  If a swim meet is postponed or halted on Tuesday night, TSA rules require the meet to resume following evening, at the same location and time. (However, if the breaststroke event has been completed, the meet will be declared complete on Tuesday night.) Please let the coaches know if you cannot make the rescheduled Wednesday meet. If you were scheduled to volunteer in some capacity during the meet, you also need to notify the Volunteer Coordinator that you will be unable to assist during the rescheduled meet.

  • ❖  Swimmers should always be at the appropriate poo lat the assigned time each Tuesday afternoon of a meet.Warm- ups for the home team begin at 5:00 pm and warm-ups for the visiting team begin at 5:30 pm. Although this arrangement is standard practice, it may be reversed for some meets. Our coaches will inform you if there is a change. In any case, swimmers should plan to be at the pool at least 15 minutes before our team’s designated warm-up time: 4:45 for home meets, and 5:15 for away meets.

  • ❖  Each member of the team is assigned a unique swimmer number. These numbers make it easier for the timers to record times accurately. If you can, please write your swimmer’s number on his or her shoulders in black marker before each meet. You can find their numbers on the timing charts on the Swim Team Bulletin Board. After registrations a sheet will be posted with numbers so parents can find them before meets. Your child's number won't change. 

  • ❖  You may want to bring lawn chairs with you to both the home and away meets. Some pools do not have enough pool furniture to accommodate all the attendees at a typical swim meet.

  • ❖  Label all of your child(ren)’s swim items.

  • ❖  Swimmers should sit in the team area by age group to build team unity. This also allows those assisting the Clerk of Course to locate swimmers, thereby making the meet run more efficiently. In particular, younger swimmers need to stay with the other members of their age group so that their group’s Kid Pusher can ensure that they get to the starting blocks on time. Kid Pushers will not be responsible for locating children who do not sit with their group; such swimmers are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks on time.

  • ❖  Please bear in mind that when we visit other pools, we are their guests, and we should behave accordingly. Likewise, when we have home meets, let’s all try to be polite and gracious hosts. Remember that all of us (swimmers, coaches and parents) are representatives of Garner Dolphins, Garner Community and the Heather Hills Pool wherever we go.

  • ❖  For home meets,please consider walking to the pool if you live in the Heather Hills community, car-pooling or anything else that will reduce our use of parking spaces. Our parking facilities are large, but we still want to leave as many spaces as possible for use by the visiting team.

  • ❖  Please note that TSA rules prohibit smoking and consuming alcohol at any TSA swim meet.

    ❖  Swim meet concession sales are a major source of revenue for the swim team. Garner Dolphins will host the concession stand during the intra-squad meet and the three home swim meets. 
  • Things that swimmers should bring to meets:
  •     Sweatshirt, sweatpants or warm jacket -- it gets chilly sitting around in a wet bathing suit.

​​​At least two towels; perhaps a blanket or extra towel to sit on

Goggles (helpful to have a spare)
Team Swim cap or Plain Black cap  (not required but most swimmers with long hair need/want to use caps; this is completely up to you and your child). Per TSA rules, we can't let you wear other team caps.

Flip-flops or water proof slip on shoes such as Crocs or plastic sandals  (tennis shoes and socks tend to become soggy and gross, but of course wear what your child is comfortable wearing)
Water bottle
Cards, music, games, book, etc. meets are long and kids need something to help pass the time

Money for the snack bar
Healthy snacks: Power bars, fruit, string cheese, goldfish