Swim Meet Events and Scoring Procedures


1. Team members swim the following distances:

6 and under: 15 yards  (finish line marked by a rope – Kid-Catchers are used)

7 to 10:  25 yards (or meters)

11 to 18:  50 yards (or meters)


2. Team members swim the following strokes in the order listed from the youngest to the oldest swimmers. A swimmer’s age group is defined by his or her age as of June 1st of the current season. Boys swim before girls in the same age bracket:

6 and under: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke
7 and up: medley relay, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle relay

The medley relay begins the meet and the freestyle relay ends the meet.

3. Swimmers who are 6 and under may swim a maximum of 2 individual main events and will be encouraged to swim in one of the heats of the third stroke. Swimmers 7-18 may swim a maximum of 3 individual main events and will also be encouraged to swim in one of the heats of the fourth stroke. Swimmers may also participate in one or both of their age group’s relay races; relay events do not count against the individual-event limits. Swimmers’ times will be recorded in all heats, with results being used by the coaches to help determine who will swim the main events the following weeks.

4. All team members swim in every meet. However, if a meet is delayed or interrupted for any reason (thunderstorm, etc.), the teams’ TSA representatives may decide, in the interest of time, to swim only main events.

5. Only the main event is scored and earns points toward winning a meet. The main event swimmers are the 3 fastest timed swimmers for each stroke in each bracket. Scoring for all individual events is as follows:

First place: 5 points

Second place: 3 points

Third place: 1 point

In relay events, only 5 points are awarded, all of which go to the first place team.

In case of a tie, the place points are added together and the points are evenly split. For example, a tie for first place in an individual event earns 4 points each (5 points for first place plus 3 points for second, divided by the 2 swimmers). A tie in a relay event earns 2.5 points per team.

Although the main event is the only heat that earns points, all heats are important because coaches, swimmers and parents will all want to see how every swimmer improves his or her times from week to week. Coaches will use this timing information to select their event lineups for subsequent meets.

6. Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 6th places in all main events (including relays). Every heat winner and participant also receives a ribbon.

7. If a swimmer false-starts twice, he or she will be disqualified from the event, per TSA rules. If a swimmer is disqualified for any reason, he/she will receive a participant ribbon, but will not score or receive a place ribbon.

8. At the end of the meet, any swimmers from either team who have swum a “perfect meet” will be recognized by the meet announcer. To swim a perfect meet, a swimmer must earn the maximum possible number of individual event points. Children in the 6-and-under age group, who can race in only two main events, are publicly lauded as “double winners” if they win both of their events. Swimmers in all other age groups are eligible to compete in up to three main events and must therefore become “triple winners” in order to achieve this special level of recognition.