Meet Assistance Info


A successful meet takes between 16-26 volunteers.  The Heritage Beta Swim Team requires a minimum of 2 meets per family as a volunteer.  Below are the duties and responsibiliy descriptions.

1 1 SCORERS - Records place finishes from the event and disqualification slips and scores on the score sheet.
1 0 RECORDER - Records place finishes and winning time on event slip from place judge positions and can adjust for disqualification’s.
0 1 6th PLACE JUDGE - Stands in sixth place finisher'slane. (May hand out participant ribbons in heats for10 and under)
1 0 5th PLACE JUDGE - Stands in fifth place finisher's lane. (May hand out heat winner ribbons in heats for 10 and under)
0 1 4th PLACE JUDGE - Stands in fourth place finisher'slane. Also, judges second place for the second relaywhen two events are combined.
1 0 3rd PLACE JUDGE - Stands in third place finisher'slane. Also, judges second place for the first relaywhen two events are combined.
0 1 2nd PLACE JUDGE - Stands in second placefinisher's lane. Also, judges first place and obtainsfinish time for the second relay when two events arecombined.
1 0 1st PLACE JUDGE - Stands in first place finisher's lane and obtains the finish time for first place.
1 0 STARTER - Starts each event with an appropriate starting device; asks whether judges and timers are ready; announces sex, distance and stroke; directs Take your mark."; pauses to ensure no early start; gives starting signal and calls false start if needed. "
1 0 ANNOUNCER - Calls swimmers to the clerk of course for each event; announces scores.
2 2 RUNNERS - One from each stroke and turn judge to the recorder with disqualification slips. Two other runners that alternate from the recorder to the scorers with event slips with places recorded and any disqualification slips.
6-12 6-12 KID PUSHERS - One or two from each team, per be brought to the clerk of course when the event is first called by the announcer. Once gathered then bring the swimmers, in event order, to the benches in their lane positions.
1 1 CLERK OF COURSE - Get swimmers to proper starting blocks for their events and get event slips to the recorder.
1-2 1-2 RIBBON WRITERS - Complete award ribbons and distribute to the swimmers.
1 1 TSA REPRESENTATIVE - Represents the swim club on the TSA board of directors. Works as the representative of the TSA at the season's duel meets. Resolves or takes to the TSA board any events of question. Sets up officials meeting before the duel meets.
1 1 STROKE AND TURN JUDGE - Judges whether proper stroke, turn and finish are executed by the swimmers during the meet.
2-3 2-3 TEAM TIMERS - (Optional) May be positioned on side of pool to obtain unofficial times for their own team's swimmers during the meet.
Total people required to operate meet.