2021 Sponsors
Suits & Spiritwear

We are offering a new **ONE YEAR** suit this year, the Rise Grenade, through All American Swim. The cost for the swimsuit is $25 for the one piece (female) and $20 for the jammer (male)- tax not included. We will not be offering try-on opportunities this year onsite due to COVID-19 concerns. All families interested in trying on and purchasing a suit can visit All American Swim at 1231 NW Maynard Rd., Cary, NC 27513 during regular business hours. To access their order form, click here. As a reminder, team suits are not required for participation.

Silicone and latex caps are available for purchase at the pool and will be billed to your MDCC account. Swim caps will be available to order at all preseason events as well as at the Snack Bar or through the Youth Director once swim practices begin.  

MacDolphins Spirit Wear T-Shirts can be ordered by contacting Youth Director Charlotte Freeman at [email protected] We will begin placing orders during our preseason events. Our final order deadline is May 15th. Orders take approximately 2 weeks to process and will be available at practices for pick-up. Please note our shirts are Hanes brand, dri-fit, and the sizes offered are S, M, L, and XL for adults and S, M, L for youth. 


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​We are excited to offer MDCC car magnets again this season. Magnet purchased will be charged through your member account. Magnets will be on sale at all preseason events as well as at the Snack Bar and through the Youth Director once practices begin.


​We will be continuing to sell MDCC woven towels again this year. Towel orders can be emailed to [email protected] or can be made in person at our first 2 preseason events (Parent Meeting & Kickoff). SHould towels still be available, they will also be offered during the first week of practice. Towels are not customizable through us this year and will not have the swimmer's name woven as the picture shows. Towels are ready for immediate purchase and pick-up and will be charged to your member account. 

**Limited stock remaining**