Meet Entry Process

How Do I Enter a Meet/Where Can I Find Meet Details?

The Meet schedule will be determined at the beginning of the season. However, details for the Meet are not released by the Host Team(s) until closer to the date. You'll receive an email with notification that the Meet is open and details are available. If your swimmer is able to participate, simply select "Yes" so the Coaches know that you are available. Please select "No" if your swimmer is unable to attend. In some cases, the Coaches will select strokes. It's always a good idea to check the MEET/EVENTS tab regularly. Once the Meet is available, you'll be able to click on it by name and review the information. 

How Much Does it Cost?
Generally, host teams determine the Entry Fee for each even entered. Fee information will also be included in the Meet Information referenced above once it becomes available. 

How Do I Pay for It?
You only pay for the Meet if you enter. All Meet fees are collected prior to the date. Once all entries are finalized, the card on file will be charged. You'll receive notification of this charge. 

Meet Declaration Policy

All families need to declare YES or NO for all meets.  As part of the team, it is your responsibility to declare for the meets. 

Any swimmer who does not declare yes or no, will be entered into the meet and meet fees charged. 

USA swimming meets are different than summer swimming. Meets are seeded with set time limits and approved by Virginia Swimming.  We must be timely with entering our swimmers to ensure the team is able to participate in the meet.  Meets do fill up!