Required Equipment


Please make sure your swimmer has their required equipment by the 1st practice. 

All Swimmers – Suit, Caps and Goggles, plus:

Mini and Junior Club:

  • Fins  - Please no scuba fins.  

TSC Age Group 1-2 –

  • Fins
  • Pull Buoy

TSC Age Group 3 (Middle school) & TSC High School Club I & II 

  • Fins 
  • Pull Buoy 
  • Hand Paddles

Note: FINS, FINS, FINS….it is extremely important that all swimmers have their own fins! Swimmers without fins tend to fall behind in practice when being used by the rest of the group.  Below is an example of the basic fins we ask swimmer to get.  Please do not buy scuba fins.  The hard plastic does not produce the results needed in a swim practice and can be counter productive to swimmers in practice.  Please check out the example below if you are unsure what to buy!

Equipment may be purchased at Swim Outlet, or any swim shop you prefer.




Pull Buoy

Hand Paddles

PREFERRED GOGGLES!  *  Speedo Vanquishers.  These goggles are preferred over the goggle easy adjustable (one button push and pull along a zipper type strap) and inexpensive goggles.  While the other goggle may cost less and seem easier, they tend to leak more often.  Swimmers spend more time with these type of goggles adjusting back and forth as they do not appear to stay fitted to the swimmers.  The advantage to buying the preferred vanquisher brand is that once you adjust them, they should not ever need adjusting again!!!

Bungee Straps - your swimmer may purchase bungee straps as another alternative for the goggle straps.