Q & A's

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions........


Mini Club & Program Levels

Q. Since my child is in the Mini Club, and the time says 1:30-4:30 depending on placement, what is our placement and practice time?

A. We will assess the Mini’s on the first Sunday and assign practice groups from there.  Please arrive at 3:00 for your Mini’s assessment.  We will practice after the assessment for approximately 30 minutes.  Further Mini practices will run 45 minutes.  Please remember, Mini must be able to swim 25 meters unassisted (no exceptions as we swim in 6+feet of water)

 Q.  Is the program ability based or age based?

A.  The Swim Club is both ability based and age based.  The swim team level progress as the children age.   You will notice many groups overlap in age to account for all swimmers abilities.   Here are some guidelines you should know:  eligibility

 We will assess all swimmers during the first week of practice.  If we find your swimmer is not in the correct program, we will move them to allow all swimmers the opportunity to improve, strengthen and grow throughout the season.



Swim Meets

Q. Are there swim meets?


A. Yes, we currently have on the schedule four swim meets..  Please see the calendar for dates.  We will update information shortly. Home meets have no limits on swimmer attending.  Away meets will have limitation on number of swimmers and ages.  Please check out the website on October 1st for full meet information.  The meets are optional but give the coaches a great opportunity to see your swimmer in the water during a race environment! 

Registration and Billing

Q.  I know I paid the 200.00 registration fee, how do I pay the remainder and how do I receive my invoices?

A.  Each account is billed on a monthly basis.  You will be charged each month during your swimmers selected seasons.  Please refer back to your registration for your monthly charge amount.


Q. What equipment is needed for my swimmers group?

A. Mini and Junior Club–  Fins  - Please no scuba fins.  

TSC Age Group 1-2 –Fins, and Pull Buoy

TSC Age Group 3 (Middle school) & TSC High School Club I & II Fins, Pull Buoy and Hand Paddles

 Q. Where do I purchase the equipment?

A.  Equipment can be purchased from a vendor of your choice.  Cassels Sport and Award (Sterling) and Metro Swim (Fairfax) have local shops that specialize in swim equipment.  On-line purchases can be made at Swim Outlet, Keiffer Swimming, or a variety of other on-line retailers.

Q.  I saw during registration we could purchase a team t-shirt.  Is that option still available?

A.  On-line Spirit wear stores will be available for the 2017-2018 season.

Q. Is there a team suit needed?
A. Currently, there is no team suit. Swimmers may wear any swim suit of their choice. Jammers are recommended for boys, instead of swim trunks. Tell them to breathe easy….the days of small speedos are over!

Q. My child really doesn’t like to wear a cap or goggles….do they have to?
A.   Yes, yes, and Yes!!

Facility – Claude Moore Recreation Center - Practice Times

Q. How do I get into the pool?  Are there passes? How do I get them?
A. The pool will supply The Swim Club with passes for each swimmer.   We will hand out the passes during the first week of each session. Swimmers will swipe the pass as they enter the facility to alert the desk of their team affiliation. No additional fees are to be charged to those participating in the program by the facility.

Q. What are Pool Closures/No Swim Dates?

A. From time to time, the pool does have closures for other events. You will find a tab listed “No Swim Dates”.  The list has the most current “no swim” dates known to our program.  Per our contract with the pool, Loudoun County has 30 days to give us written notice for any “pool closures”, thus additional no swim dates may be possible.  If we are notified of any additional dates, we will let you know.

Q. Should I show up at my practice time or should I be there 5 minutes ahead of time?

A.  Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of your practice to have time to get caps/goggles on and ready!

Q. I have run into a conflict with my practice time one week? What do I do?

A. Please contact Coach Ginger to see if another practice time is available that week. As we are full for the year, we will make every attempt to meet your needs, but understand our pool space is limited.


Q.  I forgot what days I registered for and which season?

A. With the new registration system, you should be able to log back in at any time to see what practices your swimmers has signed up for each season!


Q. I signed up for spring only…why am I receiving emails now?         
A. Due to the nature of our communication/registration system, all swimmers registered for the Swim Club 2013-2014 season will receive group related emails. We apologize if you’re only swimming the spring and receiving messages now. We will try to limit the communications and not bombard your in-box!

Junior Coaches

Junior Coach positions are available for swimmers in the Swim Club to help coach and work with younger swimmers within our program.  Positions are filled on an as needed basis from season to season, typically in late May as our senior swimmers graduate.  This is an on-going process.  If your swimmer is 16 years of age or older  and interested in becoming a junior coach, please email coachginger@swim4theclub.com to find out current availability.