Torpedoes Registration

8/2/21 Update: TSC Torpedoes is currently on a waitlist. To add your swimmer to the waitlist, please use the online registration system. 
For swimmer registration, please use the link on the main home page.  New swimmers who would like participate on the team should fill out the initial evaluation request prior to registering. Minimum time standards due apply to join the team. Swimmer must be legal in all four strokes to join, no exceptions.   TSC Torpedoes is competitive swim team participating in the Virginia Swimming LSC. 

New Swimmer Initial Evaluation Request

Steps to register:

1. Fill out the online registration including all information requested using the online system on the home page.  Submit payment and your swimmer registered and your account is now pending.

2. Pending Accounts - Your account will remain in a "pending" state until we close our registration.  This means your child is registered, but your account needs to be finalized on our end.  If your swimmer has been approved to register (either via evaluation or you have spoken with Coach Ginger via email or phone) and you have registered within our system, your swimmer is set.  You need to take no further action at this time.  While your account is "pending" we are setting up the billing and adding swimmers to their practice group for the fall.  There is nothing you need to do but sit tight, we will email you once the account is no longer in the pending state sometime during the summer months.

3. Swimmers who do not meet qualifications for participation will not have their account approved and a refund will be issued.