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Swim Meet Tips


Swim Meet Tips

 •  Get a good night's rest.  Pack your swim bag on Friday night so that it's ready to go on Saturday morning.  Eat a carb packed dinner!
 •  Be sure to check in at the the Barracuda table.
 •  Be ready to warm up soon after you arrive at the meet.  Come over to the lanes with shoes off, towel down, and cap and goggles on.
 •  After warm up, quickly grab your towel and gather with the team and coaches for a team meeting about the meet and to do a team cheer.
 •  Don't eat that candy yet!  Limit the amount of sweets you eat during the meet. 
 •  Cheer for your teammates and show good sportsmanship at all times during the meet. 
 •  Swim your fastest.  STAY In the water when you finish so you can shake hands with the swimmers in the lanes next to you.
 •  Check your email on Friday evening for an event sheet showing what events your swimmer will be competing in.  Keep this information close by on Saturday morning, but be prepared for possible changes.
 •  If you have questions about what your child is swimming, please contact the head coach before the morning or evening of a meet.

Health issues within 48 hours of a meet should be emailed or called into head coach, Sarah Pierce @ [email protected] with a cc to the team rep, Sarah Tillery  [email protected]  A voicemail should be followed up with an email.

 •  Make sure your swimmer(s) checks in at the Barracuda table when you first arrive at the meet.  If you did not print the heat sheet from home, you may purchase one. There will also be a list of events by swimmer's last name posted on the lifeguard office window for reference at home meets. Please help your swimmer write these events on their hand with a sharpie.  Each event should be written by Event #, Heat#, and Lane#.
 •  Make sure you bring a chair, sunscreen, and water for your family.  Available seating is often limited and it's good to have a place to rest your legs.
 •  GO BARRACUDAS.  Let's cheer our loudest for our team and our swimmers.  Team spirit is important and the swimmers love seeing parents getting involved in cheering.
•  After your swimmer finishes a race, give them a high five and a "Great Job."  The coaches will be taking notes on what needs to be worked on in practice.  Other than that, let's keep stroke critique to a minimum at meets.
•  If a disqualification (DQ) occurs, do not question the judge or ask the coach about it at the meet.  Please come to see a coach after the meet, and he/she will explain the DQ.