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VBSL – our team is part of the Virginia Beach Swim League.  The league has a total of 19 teams throughout the Hampton Roads Area.  Within the league there are 3 divisions.  BBCC is in the Dolphin Division, which is probably the most competitive division consisting of BBCC, Little Neck, Pembroke Meadows, Club Brittany, Oceana, & Great Bridge.  

BBCCSA - Broad Bay Country Club Swim Association is the independent governing body of the Broad Bay Country Club Swim Team.  We are a non-profit 501 c3 that is run by a volunteer board and relies on the hard-work of our parent volunteers to run swim meets. The team uses BBCC's pool and services to operate.

BBCC – Broad Bay Country Club is a private country club that allows members to be a part of our awesome swim team.  (BBCC is run by its parent corporation, ARCIS.) 

WILL MY CHILD MAKE THE TEAM?  Coach Sarah will hold a swimmer evaluation session for all new 8&U and 6&U swimmers on Thursday, May 23rd.  She will be looking for your child's ability to swim the length of the pool willingly and unaided.

FAMILY FOLDERS/RIBBONS – Every family will have a folder that can be found in plastic bins, normally placed outside the lifeguard office.  Swim ribbons will be placed in the folders and can be picked up at the first practice following each meet.  In addition to the ribbons VBSL provides, Coach Sarah will be handing out Personal Best ribbons at the beginning of each practice session following each meet (once the season begins). 

INCLEMENT WEATHER  - All practice cancellations will be texted through Remind.  To join Remind, enter 81010 on your cell phone.  Text the message @broadbay19.  Practice and swim meets take place even if it rains.  However, any sign of lightning or thunder will clear the pool.  The pool remains closed for 30 minutes following the last sign of thunder/lightning.     

2019 SCHEDULE –  

Mon, June 17 (5 pm) Little Neck @ BBCC

Sat, Jun 22 (8 am) Oceana @ BBCC

Sat, Jun 29 (8 am) Great Bridge @ BBCC

Sat, Jul 13 (8 am) BBCC @ Club Brittany

Sat, Jul 20 (8 am) BBCC @ Pembroke Meadows

Sat, July 27 (8 am) Divisionals  (your swimmer will be notified if eligible)

Sat, Aug 3 (9 am) All-Stars (your swimmer will be notified if eligible)

SWIM MEETS – A more detailed e-mail with meet instructions will be sent out at a later date.  However, for our home meets, we need for all swimmers to be at the pool by 7:00am.  For our away swim meets, everyone will need to arrive at the away pools by 7:15am.  Expect most meets to end around 12:30.  Arrive at home night meets by 4:00 or 5:00 depending on the start time and 4:15 or 5:15 for away night meets.

SWIM MEET SIGN-INS – If you know your swimmer(s) will be participating in a meet(s) you must commit on this website.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that families SIGN IN, otherwise your swimmer(s) will not be allowed to participate in the meet.  This can be done by selecting the Attend/Decline link found in the Meets and Events section (Home page) no later than the TUESDAY prior to each swim meet.  If your child is sick the morning or night before a swim meet call and e-mail Coach Sarah and the team reps ASAP.

SWIM MEET ENTRIES - The maximum number of events a swimmer may participate in is 5 (2 relay events and 3 individual events).   6 & under swimmers can expect a maximum of 3 (1 relay, 2 individual).  Swim meet entries will normally be posted at our Pep Rallies in addition to being e-mailed out the night before.  Coach Sarah decides which events each swimmer participates in, please do not make any requests!

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS – BBCC Swim Team requires 2 parent volunteer shifts per registered swimmer.  Sign-ups will occur on this website by selecting the Job Signup link (Meet tab on Home page).  The  entire summer's Job Signups will be available beginning Wednesday,May 29th at 9pm.   If you are new to our team and unsure of some of the job details feel free to call or e-mail and we will help explain different positions.  If you sign up to donate water bottles, please only do this ONCE per family for the season.

See you around the pool!