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Meet Sign-In

How to Enter a Swimmer in a Meet

1. Log into your website account.

2. Click on the words "Meets/Events", located in the row of menu tabs just under the yellow “Bay”. 

3. You will be brought to the Meets/Events page. Find in the list of upcoming meets the title of the meet in which you wish to enter your swimmer.

4. Click on the meet title (in blue). That will take you to the meet page. The meet page will have all of the information you need to know about the meet: date, location, arrival time, etc.. 

5. To enter the meet, click on the pink "Attend/Decline" button. That will bring you to a page where you can select the athlete's name whom you are entering in the meet. 

6. Click on the athlete's name. That will take you to a page where you COMMIT either YES or NO to attending the meet. 

7. Be sure to click  "Save" at the bottom right corner of the page. 

8. Repeat for all swimmers.

9. Changes may be made up until the sign-in deadline.  Select the pink “Edit Commitment” button.  If changes need to be made after the deadline contact Coach Sarah and the Team Rep ASAP.