Swim Meet 101

 What you need to know:

- If your swimmer is unable to swim after the sign-up deadline has passed, please email Coach Brooke to let her know. If your child is sick the morning of the meet, please send a message through the Remind App. Coaches must swap entries with the opposing team prior to the meet so it is necessary to complete them in advance. When your swimmer does not attend the meet and we do not know in advance if they will not be attending the meet the opportunity for improvement is lost. It also affects other swimmers; if your swimmer does not attend and is supposed to be present his/her relay cannot swim.

-At each meet a volunteer will be assigned to take attendance as swimmers arrive at the meet. It is very important swimmers check in with this volunteer as soon as they arrive at the pool so we have an accurate head count. If anyone is unable to attend the meet last minute due to illness or another emergency this head count will help coaches make any necessary changes to the meet line up. Once the meet begins there are specific rules concerning event changes, making most changes impossible.

-All swim meets are held on Saturday unless otherwise stated. Meets begin at 8 AM sharp. For home meets, our team warm up is scheduled for 7:15 AM. Swimmers are asked to be at the pool no later than 7 AM. For away meets our team warm up is scheduled for 7:30 AM.  Most meets last between 3.5 and 4 hours depending on how many swimmers each team has competing.

-Each swimmer may swim a maximum of 3 individual events and 2 relays. To compete at the divisional championship, a swimmer must have competed in 3 dual meets.

-Swimmers are encouraged to wear their team suit at every swim meet (swimmers may wear their suit from last year or purchase the new team suit through our Swim and Tri portal.) All swimmers should wear a Piranha swim cap when they race but are not required to wear a cap at practice. Team suits and caps give us a unified look and help us bond as a team!

-The meet begins with mixed gender freestyle relays. The meet continues with individual events in freestyle, followed by breastroke, then the individual medley. After the individual medley there is a 10-minute break during which the adult relays swim. The 2nd half of the meet begins with backstroke events followed by butterfly. The meet ends with same sex freestyle relays and the 15-18 mixed gender 200-meter medley relay. The youngest age group in each category swims first with an increasing progression of ages until the oldest age group swims. Only the top 2 swimmers or relays per team receive points.

What should I bring to a swim meet?

  • Goggles – and an extra pair if you have them  
  • Piranha Swim Cap
  • Towels
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Sunscreen – apply, apply, apply!
  • Insect repellent – especially for our night meet
  • Chairs / Tents- For home meets tents can be set up after 3 the day before.
  • Sharpie- to write swimmers events, heats and lanes on their arms or legs.
  • Activities – music, books, games, cards

Inclement Weather Policy

-Before the meet begins: if the weather is bad when you wake up, come to the pool anyway! If the meet is cancelled the coaches and Team Reps will alert parents and swimmers as soon as possible. We will send an email, put a post on Facebook, and send a message through the Remind App.

-After the meet begins: because it is difficult to reschedule swim meets every effort will be made to complete the meet that same day. The VBSL strongly recommends waiting one hour before calling a swim meet. After that time, the team representatives, coaches, and meet referee will make a decision to postpone the meet and when it will be rescheduled. Before you leave the meet you must talk to one of the coaches. The coaching staff will need to know if your swimmer/s is available to swim during the rescheduled meet time.