Volunteer Positions

Our swimmers depend on parent volunteers to run our swim meets.  WE NEED YOU!  We have over 70 positions that need to be filled for every home meet.  With about 80 families on the team, we need every family to help. It is the mandate of the GBSRC Piranhas that all parents actively participate in the team’s swim meets. If you register your child to swim, you will be expected to volunteer a minimum of 3 volunteer duties per family during the swim season.  Prior to each meet, we will send a message that the job signups on Sign-up Genius are available, which will allow you to sign up for the time slots and activities that best fit your schedule and preference. A reminder email will be sent to you a day or two before the meet. The following list applies to home meets, but we also need volunteers for away meets.  (The jobs marked with an asterisk require training.)

PRIORITY Jobs:    

Stroke and Turn Judges*:  Stroke judges watch for violations of swimming style or turns.  Turn judges watch for violations of turning, finishing, and false starts on relay take-offs.  (6 per meet). If you are interested in being certified, please see Brooke, Suzanne, or Mike.

Timers:  Timers are responsible for timing and recording swimmers’ times in an assigned lane.  (18 per meet)

Clerk of Course: (Suzanne Jones) Helps organize the kids and gets them lined up at the right time.  We need 2 people to assist – one for each half.   (4 per meet)

Concessions:  Prepares and sells food and drink items.  We also need someone to chair concessions.  (8 per meet)


Referee*:  Runs the whole meet – briefs coaches and officials and enforces all of the rules.

Starter*: Notifies swimmers of the event distance and stroke; initiates the start signal.

Time Verifiers:  Enters the time for each swimmer into the meet manager software.  We need 1-2 more.

Zookeeper:  Works with the swimmers lined up to race and checks names and lanes.  Suzanne needs [1] volunteer per meet to split the halves. 

Runners:  Picks up time cards from timers and delivers to the scoring table.  Also collects DQ slips from judges.  (4 per meet)

Announcer/DJ:  Announces each event to the deck and calls for events.  Also plays groovy tunes!

Water Servers:  Serves water to timers and officials. (2 per meet)

Parking:  Helps direct traffic and makes sure that everyone is parked appropriately (4 per meet)

Spectator Coordinator: Helps direct parents/guardians to watch their children swim in their heat. (1 each half)