Swim Meet 101

Meet Schedule: 

  • Saturday, June 9th - Club Brittany Time Trials (HOME)
  • Saturday, June 16th - Club Brittany vs. Great Bridge (HOME)
  • Saturday, June 23rd - BYE
  • Thursday, June 28th (Night) - Club Brittany vs. Broad Bay (AWAY)
  • Saturday, July 7th - Club Brittany vs. Oceana (HOME)
  • Saturday, July 14th - Club Brittany vs. Little Neck (HOME)
  • Saturday, July 21st - Club Brittany vs. Pembroke Meadows (AWAY)
  • Saturday, July 28th - Divisionals @ Great Bridge
  • Saturday, August 4th - All Stars @ Little Neck


Volunteer Opportunities:   

If your child is swimming, all parents are expected to volunteer at least one shift per meet.  

Choose from any of the following:  timer, announcer, computer scorer, computer

support, referee, starter, clerk of course, stroke and turn judge, DQ slip runner,

time slip runner,  merchandise and heat sheets, concessions, grill, ribbons,

heat winners, photographer, set-up, and clean-up


Blue Tide Swimmers:

  • Remember to bring your goggles to every practice and meet.  If you have long hair, pull it back securely.  Team racing suits are optional at practice but highly encouraged at meets.
  • Meets begin at 8:00a.m.  Check in with Coach Allison, Coach Cam, and Coach Taylor by 7:00 a.m. at home meets, 7:15a.m. at away meets. Warm-ups will be at 7:15 for home meets and 7:30 for away meets.   Be ready to get in the water when your practice time starts – cap on, goggles adjusted.
  • When coaches are talking, be quiet and look at the coach who is speaking.
  • Show respect to your coaches and teammates through your words and actions.
  • Show up at the pool with a smile and be ready to swim your best.
  • Encourage other swimmers with your positive attitude.

Blue Tide Parents:

  • Please do your best to bring your swimmer to practice and to meets a little early so that he or she is ready to get in the water when practice begins.
  • Provide your swimmer with sunscreen and a water bottle, labeled with his or her name.  As the summer sun gets hotter, it is important that we keep our swimmers protected and hydrated.
  • Check your email daily concerning swim team events.  In case of inclement weather, the team rep or coaches will send emails if team events are canceled. 
  • Each family has a folder (stored in a crate in the picnic area) that will be used to distribute ribbons, notices, messages, etc.
  • Encourage your swimmer with positive comments.  Summer swim team is meant to be FUN!
  • Keep coaches and the team rep informed of illness, vacation, and other conflicts.  If you know your child (or you) will not able to participate in a meet, please call or email the team rep ASAP.  If an unexpected illness affects you, please call the head coach and team rep immediately and follow up later with an email.

Swim Meet Questions and Answers

How many events can my child swim?

        The maximum is 5 – up to 2 relay events and 3 individual events. 

How are age groups determined?

        Age groups are determined by your child’s age as a 6/15/2018.  With a coach’s       

        permission, swimmers may compete in an older level but not a younger one.

Does my child have to participate in meets?

        No,  It is up to the swimmer to decide whether he or she wants to participate in

        competitive meets; however, please know that the coaches will want EVERYONE to

        participate if at all possible.

Will my child swim in every meet?

      All swimmers will be entered in each meet unless a parent signs out the swimmer

      ahead of time.   It is extremely time-consuming to plan a meet.  Please let us know

      ASAP if your child will be unable to swim.  Even if your child gets sick the night before,

      please leave a message on Coach Allison’s cell phone 757-619-0684

How long do the swim meets last?

       If meets begin at 8:00a.m. as scheduled, they are typically over between 12 -


What should I bring to the swim meet?

       suit, goggles, swim cap, towel, sunscreen, drinks/snacks or money for concessions, chairs, simple cards or games to play between events, a sharpie marker

What is Divisionals?

      This is a 7 team meet in which our best relay team and top two individual swimmers from each event compete for the Division Championship. Usually about 40-50 percent of our swimmers will qualify for at least one event at Divisionals.  If your swimmer has been selected for an event at this meet, you will receive a phone call or email from a coach or Team Rep the Sunday evening after our last regular swim meet.  If you don’t get a call, please check your email or this website to see if your swimmer was selected. 

The “fastest top two swimmer times” are determined at the regular season meets.  Each swimmer will get his/her “best time” and this will become his/her time to beat.  At the end of the season, swimmer “best times” are compared to find the top two.  BUT one of the top two swimmers may scratch or they might be swimming another event instead.  Then the swimmer with the third best time is invited, and so on.  Like the regular swim season, swimmers can only qualify to swim in 3 individual events and two relays.

What is the All-Star meet?

        In order to qualify for this meet, swimmers must have one of the top 12 times from divisionals league wideThere are twenty-one teams in our league and three divisional meets.   Swimmers make All Stars by swimming one of the top twelve times at divisional!  No other times matter. 

To proceed from Divisionals onto the Virginia Beach Swim League All-Star meet, only the top 6 relays teams and top 12 swimmers boys/girls from each event (See Team Records for entire listing of events) in the entire league (consisting of 21 teams) will be selected.  There will also be two alternate relays and two alternate swimmers selected for each event to fill in should there be a scratch.  We usually have about 15 swimmers who qualify for this meet.  If your swimmer has been selected for an event at this meet, you will receive a phone call or an email from a coach or Team Rep as soon as final results from the three Divisional meets have been compiled.

The All Star meet is where the best of the best compete!  The top 12 swimmers in the league both male and female, in each event, will compete at Little Neck.  Swimmers must compete in the Divisional meet to qualify for All-Stars.  There will only be two heats of each event with the second heat being the faster of the two heats.     Like the divisional meet, swimmers can only qualify to swim in 3 individual events and two relays.