Jr Dolphins


Junior Dolphin Swim Program

The Junior Dolphin swim program is a fun, developmental program for children who are not quite ready for the full Dolphin swim team. The goal of the Junior Dolphin swim program is to prepare swimmers for the DDD team. Practices are run like a "mini swim team", helping Junior Dolphin swimmers gain the skills and confidence needed to perform on the DDD team in future years. Junior Dolphins is a great program for younger siblings of DDD team swimmers or any child who may not have the skills or endurance for the full team.

Registration for the Junior Dolphin swim program is available March 17th 2020.  Junior Dolphin swimmers do not qualify for priority registration for the following swim season.

Safety Swim
In order for the swimmer to be eligible for the Junior Dolphin program, they will be required to complete a safety swim. Swimmers will need to be able to swim approximately 10 yards with their face in the water and using their arms to propel themselves forward. Perfect technique isn't necessary! DDD coaches are looking to make sure the swimmer is safe in the water and will be successful in the program.

Swimmers are not required to purchase team suits as they will not be swimming in any league meets. A swim cap and googles are recommended but not required.

The Junior Dolphin program runs in June and July. Practices start June 1st.  Practices are in the afternoons M-Th at 4pm. Junior Dolphins typically practice for 30 minutes. Junior Dolphin swimmers do not swim in league meets but they do get to show off all their hard work with a special "Junior Dolphin Race" at the DDD Boys vs Girls swim meet mid-July. They also are encouraged to participate in the boat regatta during the season and attend the Dolphin dance!


Still have questions? Feel free to email Cindy Cleveland @ [email protected]