Champs Shirt Contest


Champs Shirt Design Contest -- Calling all Dolphin Artists!

Swimmers – we are looking for the perfect design to our Champs shirt and hope that you can design one for us.

There are some parameters:

  1. The design will be for the front of the shirt only.  The back of the shirt is for our team sponsors. 
  2. The shirt design must be no larger than 12 inches wide (Remember, the design must fit on a child’s small and an adult 2 extra large).
  3. Limit the use of colors to 3.  We are charged according to complexity of design.
  4. In the past, we have used some spirited slogans on our champs shirts – swimmers are encouraged to incorporate a slogan into their design that promotes the teamwork and good sportsmanship of the Dolphins.

Please submit all designs by Friday, June 15th.  There will be a large manila envelope near the family folders.  Please put your design in the envelope.

Note to parents:  As in past years, the Dolphins are giving each swimmer a Champs shirt at no additional charge to the parents.  Distribution generally takes place during the Champs Rally. Remember, you notified us of your swimmer’s shirt size when registering for the team.  The shirts tend to run small.  If you want to update your child’s shirt size, please contact the Dolphins through the website. 

Contact Terry Klas at tereseklas@yahoo.com if you have any questions.