Age Group Goals

The Granite Bay Gators coaching staff has developed age group goals as a framework for our season plan. It is our mission to provide the necessary structure for a successful experience for all team members. With a consistent commitment to the team, all swimmers will have the opportunity for a positive swimming experience.

Speedy 6ers

First half of season
- Learn practice procedure
- Learn rules for water safety
- Become familiar with coaching staff
- Group swimmers by skill level
- Swim entire length without stopping
- Learn streamline
- Focus on free, back, diving
- Implement Buddy Program
- Have Fun!!!
By season end
- Introduce all strokes
- Work on kicking
- Improve dives with streamlines
- Focus on legality of all strokes
- Teach basic sportsmanship
- Increase and improve Buddy Program
- Get Speedy!!!


First half of season
- Swimmers learn pool & team rules
- Become familiar with coaching staff
- Swimmers listen when coach is speaking
- Legal in all strokes
- Emphasis on kicking
- Introduce flip-turns
- Focus on streamlining in all strokes
- Set individual swimming goals
- Develop and implement Buddy Program
- Have Fun!!!
By season end
- Focus on improving techniques for all strokes
- Swimmers are aware of times for each stroke
- Flip-turns are used in all practices
- Swimmers learn to swim intervals
- Improve starts and finishes
- Introduce basic race strategies
- Improve on best times in all strokes
- Competitive Team Spirit!


First half of season
- Swimmers know coaches as well as pool & team rules
- Swimmers learn teamwork
- Swimmers develop stroke appropriate drills
- Perfecting streamlines
- Emphasize kicking
- Introduction to reading pace clock
- Set individual swimming goals
- Focus on IM legality
- Enjoy practices!
By season end
- Teach good sportsmanship and team support
- Train for 100 IM
- Learn stroke specialties
- Focus on stroke efficiency
- Perfect starts, turns, and finishes
- Learn step-up starts
- Swimmers improve times
- Train for specific swimmer goals
- Learn the fun of competition!


First half of season
- Review pool & team rules
- Understand necessity of stretching and strength training
- Swimmers learn advanced mechanics
- Swimmers understand benefits of specific drills
- Understand benefits of proper streamline
- Strong kicking in all strokes
- Swimmers learn racing & relay starts
- Use of appropriate turns
- Focus on improving aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
- Everyone knows how to use the pace clock
- Team Bonding!
By season end
- Swimmers know all their times
- Focus on specific stroke improvements
- Swimmers improve on their times through season
- Increase strength and condition
- Increase self awareness
- Begin reaching individual swimmer's goals
- Model good sportsmanship and cheer for teammates
- Set the tone for the GATORS!!!