What would be billed to your QSS account?

Not much.  Special team travel meets and other bigger events off-site that athletes may opt into through the year would also be billed to your team account.  Sometimes, QuickSilver runs smaller intersquad or dual meets and collect entries like cabana on the QuickSilver website.  The meet entry fees for Pacific Swimming be billed to your account if you choose to sign-up.  Most Pacific Swimming swim meets are on though, which is a 3rd party provider. 

How many service hours are required?

Like cabana season, it takes a lot of parent help to run swim meets and events for the kids.  Through the swim year (September – July), every QSS family has 10 service hours if you have an athlete in levels Age Group 3 – 4 and all Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  If you have an athlete in Mini Qs, Lil Qs, Age Group 1 or 2, then there are no service hours.  The 10 hours are equivalent to what would be expected at most summer cabana teams, but spread out through the year.  Most USA Swimming teams in the area are significantly higher, but with more sites and families to chip in from our community, the ask is lower from the team. 

Hours are accrued through the year, so if you join later, then the service hours are reduced.  If you drop from the team, then it is also only what was accrued to that month. 

Who is coaching what group?

More information on coaching at the site will be available soon.  With the quick transition time, we are ensuring we are thorough and providing the best programming for our athletes.  We expect to make this announcement later in the long weekend.   

Is there an attendance requirement?

The magic number is swimming is x3 week.  If you can attend x3 times a week, then you will see the improvement you are looking for through the season. While there is not an attendance requirement for any group at the site, being able to attend regular practices allows swimmers to enjoy the sport and develop over time.