BHCC Nike Peak


BHCC 2018 NIKE Peak Performance Swim Clinic

April 21 & 22


Nike Peak Performance Swim Clinic is coming to Blackhawk Country Club on April 21st & 22nd! The clinics will be run by Nick Baker, a former Olympic coach, who has conducted over 500 of his swim camps all around the world. I had the chance recently to coach alongside Nick and other Peak coaches at their five day Orlando Swim Camp. Peak Performance runs a professional and efficient program where ratios are kept at 7 or 8 to 1. Particpants will have 4 hours of water time in addition to mental skills training, dryland and yoga each day.  I will also be in attendance along with the HOX coaching staff. Hope to see you on deck!

--Coach Sean


Saturday Sunday
Butterfly Breaststroke
Backstroke Freestyle
Backstroke turns Freestyle turns
Drop down position (Ready Position) Backstroke Start
Front Start stance focus Front Start depth focus


How to Register:

The new PEAK Spring Clinic at Blackhawk Country Club is LIVE on the NIKE Peak Performance Swim Camp website.

Swimmers must be ages 8-18.

During this period of exclusivity for the Blackhawk Country Club, HOX parents and/or swimmers should register online using the private access code provided to the team in the email announcement.

After February 1, the camp will open registration to the general public. 

To learn more about the camp and to register for the 1 or 2 day clinic, follow the link below: , and enter the password peakhox2018.