Summer HOX

2018 Summer Swim Season

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**New Important changes for 2018**


1.  Your child must be SWIM TEAM READY:  To be "Swim Team Ready" your child must be able to swim 25 yards of at least one competitive stroke (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast stroke or Butterfly) unassisted.

If you are unsure if your child is "Swim Team Ready", DO NOT proceed with registration. Instead, please use the link at the bottom of this page to sign up for an Observation to be conducted by coach Sean.

2. New Members/Non Members to Blackhawk You must have a valid Blackhawk Club membership number in order to proceed with HOX Registration (except 15/18 age group).  

If you DO NOT have a valid BHCC membership number, please contact Nikki Ericksen at 925-736-6503 or @ for membership information and HOX registration instructions.

Once you have a valid BHCC membership number you may proceed with registration and you will begin to receive team communications and be able to order team apparel.

Please note 15-18's are not required to have a BHCC membership.  When prompted to enter a BHCC Membership number, enter 15-18 as your club number.

3.  NEW THIS YEAR - Practice groups will be determined by the coaches, based on both age and ability.   After registering and before practice begins, you will receive an email confirming your Practice group time.  Please refer to the Summer Practice Times Link for more information.

We are pleased to offer online registration on our own website. The process is simple for both new and returning members.

Blackhawk Swim Team registration fees for 2018:

  • 14 & Under: $ 525 /swimmer for 1st & 2nd swimmer. For families with 3 or more swimmers, the fee is $ 475 per swimmer after the 2nd swimmer. Discount does not apply if one of your registrations includes a 15-18 year old or Mini HOX as part of the multi family discount. You must register by March 9th to pay this registration fee.  As of March 10, 2018 registration fees will be $600 per swimmer with no multiple swimmer discounting.
  • One (1) free team suit is included with each 14 & under registration (does not include Mini HOX or 15/18) until Sunday, April 22, 2018 at midnight. Nominal shipping fees may apply for suits/apparel ordered, including free suits.           
  • 15/18 age group: There is no fee to swim. A swim suit can be purchased at a cost using the below link:                                                                                                   
  • Mini-HOX: $ 250 /swimmer until May 12, 2018 and program does not include a team suit. A swim suit can be purchased at a cost using the below link:

4. HOX Apparel

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about ordering themed apparel.


If registration is completed prior to January 19, 2018, your Blackhawk member number will be charged in two equal installments.  For those registering after January 19th, 2018, your registration fees will be due in full and charged to your Blackhawk member number. 

You must be a member of Blackhawk Country Club to register for the team, with the exception of swimmers in the 15/18 age group.  Please contact Nikki Ericksen at 925-736-6503 for membership information.

Registration cancellation refund policy:  The last day to cancel your team registration is April 8, 2018.  You will be refunded your registration fee less $150/swimmer.  After April 8, 2018, there will be no refunds.

We look forward to having you register with the team and are excited for another great season!

Registration -   Click Here to register today. 

5. Swim Team Ready: If you are unsure if your child is ready for swim team please DO NOT proceed with registration.  Instead, please sign up for an observation.

This observation will allow the coaches to place each swimmer into a group to best fit their current development and a fun way to get to know Coach Sean. One-on-one sessions will be about 5-10 minutes in duration.

Please use the Sign-Up Genius link below to register for a specific date and time slot for an observation. Available dates include:

  • February 28th 1-2 pm
  • March 1st 1-3 pm
  • March 2nd 1-2 pm
  • March 5th 2:30-3:30 pm
  • March 7th 2:30-3:30 pm
  • March 19th 1-2pm
  • April dates TBD

**Remember, only sign up if you have received a confirmation email**

Link to sign up for observation


Blackhawk Country Club Contacts

  HOX Swim Team    President   Brad Brodigan
  HOX Swim Team   New Parent Liaison   Sarah Kolbe
  Blackhawk Country Club    Aquatics Program   Sean Quackenbush
  Blackhawk Country Club   Club Membership   Nikki Ericksen