Spring Clinics

2018 HOX Spring Clinic

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This program is open to all current Blackhawk Country Club members only. 

Non-members are not eligible to enroll in HOX Spring Clinic.


The 2018 HOX spring swim clinic will begin Monday, February 26th and run for 5 weeks, ending Thursday, March 29th.  The coaches would like to encourage all families to participate in the Spring Clinis as this program will provide the technical foundation for the swimmers to build upon throughout the season. Each week will focus on a different swim stroke including starts and turns. The final week will be a review.

The program cost is $250 for 4 days per week and $220 for 2 days per week. The clinics will focus on a technical foundation for swimmers to build upon throughout the season. Each week will focus on a different swim stroke and will also cover:  drill progression, explosion off the walls, underwater dolphin kicks, proper body position, effective pull to create maximum propulsion, breathing tips, proper stroke timing, starts, turns, finishes, race strategy, etc.  The final week is a review.

Registration:  Click Here to register today.  Be sure to select "Register Online" in the upper right hand corner.  Or, you can select the "Spring Clinics Registration" icon from the home page.

Or, you can click on the "Spring Clinic Registration" Icon from the home page.  Be sure to then select "register online" in the upper right hand corner.  Registration closes Monday, March 5th.

REMINDER: VSA and County eligibility rules require that swimmers do not exceed 15 hours of in-water clinics and lessons between December 1st and April 8th. It is the parents responsibility to ensure their swimmers adhere to this rule. Exceeding the limit could lead to disqualification and team penalties. Thank you for your assistance in managing to this limit. 

**There is no refund for Spring Clinics**


Spring HOX 2018 Clinic Schedule

February 26th - March 29th

6 & Under             4 - 4:30 PM M, T, W, Th
7/8             4:30 - 5:15 PM M, T, W, Th
9/10             5:15 - 6:00 PM M, T, W, Th
11 & Up             6 - 6:45 PM M, T, W, Th


Swim Team Ready: If you are unsure if your child is ready for swim team please DO NOT proceed with registration.  Instead, please sign up for an observation.

This observation will allow the coaches to place each swimmer into a group to best fit their current development and a fun way to get to know Coach Sean. One-on-one sessions will be about 5-10 minutes in duration.

Please use the Sign-Up Genius link below to register for a specific date and time slot for an observation. Available dates include:

  • January 16th 1-2pm
  • January 22nd 1-2pm
  • February 8th 3-4pm
  • February 15th 3-4pm
  • February 22nd 3-4pm
  • February 28th 1-2pm
  • March 1st 1-2pm
  • March 2nd 1-2pm
  • March 19th 1-2pm
  • April dates TBD

**Remember, only sign up if you have received a confirmation email**

Link to sign up for observation (closed for 2018):