Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Please do not hesitate to contact any board member with your questions.  


Board of Directors Job Descriptions



 (OPEN) President

Jennifer Prindiville, Vice President, Team Operations & Coaches Liaison - Email

Elizabeth Hodson, Vice President, Marketing and Spirit - Email

Alexandra Kearns, Secretary - Email

Kyoung Oh, Vice President, Fundraising - Email

Jean Ann Patridge, VSA Representative - Email

Helen Sweet, Webmaster and Registrar - Email

Daniel Beck, Treasurer - Email

Patty Chang, Meet Director - Email

 (OPEN) Vice President, Team Operations and Information

Dana Tsubota, Meet Job Coordinator - Email

Colleen Cooley, Event Director - Email


Committee Chairs

Kristina Simpson, Meet Facilitator -Email

Tasha Aronson, New Family Liaison - Email

Michele Ledoux, Social Coordinator - Email

Megan Acharya, Mini HOX Liaison - Email

Sarah Alling, Clothing/Apparel Coordinator - Email

Jeff Kong, Clothing/Apparel Coordinator - Email

Evangeline Lau, Awards Coordinator - Email

Karen Lush, Awards Coordinator - Email