Workout Schedule

2021 Workout Schedule

Workouts begin Monday, April 12th

Team Workouts (4 lanes): Swimmers will be grouped according to their age, ability and

performance in order to gain the most benefit from the workouts. The younger age groups will

have shorter workout sessions to accommodate for concentration and physical capacities. The

ratio of coaches to swimmers will be optimized and emphasis will be on teaching proper

technique. We are aware there may be conflicts with schedules (i.e. carpools, brothers and

sisters, etc.) and we will try to do what's best for the swimmer. The final decision will be the


Training Attire & changing policy (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

Del Amigo swim caps will be the only swim cap allowed during swim practice. Female swimmers

are to be in one-piece competition style swimsuits only. No two-piece style suits are permitted.

Deck changes will not be tolerated. Please use the changing rooms. Changing rooms are located

by the coach’s office.

Spring Workouts: (Monday through Friday) - Starting April 12th

3:45-4:15                     6 & Under

4:15-5:00                     7/8s

5:00-5:45                     9/10s

5:45-6:30                     all 11/12 and 13/14 boys

6:30-7:15                     all 15/18 and 13/14 girls

*As county guidelines change, workout times for the 13/14 boys may shift later.

Summer Season: (Monday through Friday) - Starting June 7th.

8:00-9:00                    9/10s

9:00-10:00                 11/12s

10:00-11:00               13/14 and 15/18s

11:00-11:45                7/8s

11:45 - 12:30             6/Under

*13/14 age group may have to split into the 11/12 group time depending on current county guidelines.

*All training times will be at the coach's discretion according to swimmer's ability.